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22nd Aug 2001, 23:48
Concorde just flew over my house, great sight, great sound.

Clapham South West London

tiger burn
23rd Aug 2001, 11:05
2100hrs Wed - we had just landed from an EDI - LHR flight & were waiting for a stand at T1 when Concorde landed to our left - made me tingle a bit! :)

23rd Aug 2001, 11:50
Flew over my house too last night and it was awsome to see the bird back in the sky.
Looking forward to see more of her in the future...congrats BA!


23rd Aug 2001, 12:49
Those were just check flight right? No PAX service?

23rd Aug 2001, 14:22
Yeah, just verification flights. For now...

:D :D :D

26th Aug 2001, 12:02
Concorde will regain licence to fly this week
By David Harrison, Transport Correspondent
(Filed: 26/08/2001)

CONCORDE will be given a licence to fly this week, paving the way for the resumption of commercial flights to New York next month, The Telegraph can reveal.

The Civil Aviation Authority will announce on Tuesday that it is satisfied with modifications that have been made to the supersonic jet since last year's crash near Paris, according to senior British Airways officials.

The officials, who have been working with the regulator and Concorde's manufacturers to improve safety, said the "certificates of air worthiness" would be restored to BA and Air France.

One BA executive said: "The regaining of the certificate is a tribute to the tremendous efforts of everybody involved."

Concorde cannot fly without the certificate, which was withdrawn following the Air France Concorde crash after take-off from Charles de Gaulle 13 months ago. The jet hit a hotel in the town of Gonesse, killing all 109 passengers and crew and four people on the ground.

The disaster happened when a sharp metal object on the Tarmac burst a tyre. A fuel tank was hit by the debris and ruptured and the jet burst into flames.

Since the crash, both airlines have made extensive modifications to their supersonic fleet to avoid any possibility of a repetition. BA has spent 17 million on the changes which include tougher tyres and fuel tank linings and a strengthened undercarriage.

In the past five weeks, the airline has carried out a series of successful test flights on the modified jets, and pilots and cabin crew are undergoing refresher training courses.

Flights to New York are expected to begin "within weeks", with the Barbados route reopening by Christmas.

The modification programme will continue until all of BA's seven and Air France's five Concordes have been changed and tested and awarded airworthiness certificates.

BA said Concorde had performed well in test flights out to the Atlantic and one to New York where it touched down at JFK airport before flying back. The supersonic jet carried a capacity 100 passengers, all of them BA staff chosen in a ballot.

A spokesman for the CAA confirmed last night that a statement about Concorde's certificate would be made on Tuesday but declined to say whether the authority would approve the changes.

28th Aug 2001, 09:39
And from the BBC