View Full Version : A340 engine relight

16th Mar 2008, 18:14
hi all,

was going through the books and coudnt quite figure this one out.

it says that for a relight inflight that it could be starter asssisted below a given speed and alititude.
it also states that APU bleed could be used only upto FL200.
however on the chart the starter assist potion goes all the way upto F280.
is there some other means of a getting an assist other from the APU?


16th Mar 2008, 19:49
How about the bleed offtake from the other engine on the same wing?

tiger king
16th Mar 2008, 19:53
Think the FL280 is the figure you will need a starter assist eg. if you have one or two engine failure and using the bleed air from the other engine to assist the start.

But in case of all engine flame out then its starter assist at FL200 with APU bleed but before that you have to keep the speed on descend for a optimum windmilling start.