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13th Mar 2008, 20:48
Heyyy all,

I got a question that I couldn't answer :-

*) Why are Props and T-Tails more susceptible to icing ?


Cool_pilot. :cool:

14th Mar 2008, 00:03
I would assume that the question refers to thinner airfoil cross sections which are more susceptible to icing; search for fineness ratio.

The T tail is not so obvious, perhaps the question was seeking a relationship with the possibility of a tail stall in icing.

Have a look through the NASA Icing Guide. (http://aircrafticing.grc.nasa.gov/courses.html)

14th Mar 2008, 02:34
What do you mean by "prop" a type of aircraft or the engine?

What do you mean by suceptibility, the ability to accrete ice or the tolerance after having accreted the ice?

Your question pre supposes a condition of suceptibility yet provides no explanation to support the question.

Pilot Pete
14th Mar 2008, 09:06
Why are Props and T-Tails more susceptible to icing? More susceptible than what? Jets? Well, if so, TPs tend to fly lower down in the atmosphere where then get more exposure to icing conditions. Jets tend to transit through the icing conditions in climb and descent rather than cruise in them. Perhaps that is a factor.