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13th Feb 2002, 21:54
As expected, Manx Air is to cease as a 'brand' on 31st March, all uniforms and identity to go by 1st Sep.

It was announced on the Isle of Man today that the route from IOM to LHR is to move to LGW, still to be served by the 146. So the business community will be thrilled about that. However, BE should have more opportunities with their service from LCY.

The LTN service is to stay but LPL will not be thrilled at the reduction of (I hear) four flights a day. BHX is to be served by J41s rather than ATP.

A year ago EZY had said that the market was too small for them so it might be BE that can pick up some of the bits.

Here is the main quote on the Manx web site:. . [quote] British Airways has announced that its Isle of Man services will adopt the airline's corporate identity from 01 September 2002 and the Heathrow service will transfer to Gatwick at the start of the summer schedule - 31st March 2002. <hr></blockquote>

Further (edited quote) and I shall resist the temptation to ask how the downgrading of a service can help the users but BA needs those slots. That is, afterall, why they bought them in the firs place.

"The move is part of the first phase of a package of measures designed to underpin and strengthen regional operations around the UK and on the Isle of Man. "

"The changes form part of the airline's corporate Future Size and Shape Review (see separate news release) to return the company to sustained profitability; simplifying the airline business and strengthening its competitive position in Europe."

"Refinements to the Isle of Man network will see Birmingham services double in frequency from two to four flights a day and the switching of Isle of Man services to Gatwick from Heathrow from March 31. Isle of Man/Belfast frequency will be reduced from two to one a day and Isle of Man/Jersey services will be withdrawn."

"Combining the Manx operations into the British Airways group will deliver considerable customer benefits, including membership of the British Airways Executive Club and easier access to the Isle of Man from around the world with British Airways global network spanning 212 destinations in 99 countries. The Isle of Man will also appear in worldwide global selling and reservations systems with all flights having an instantly recognisable British Airways prefix."

"Manx flights will be operated British Airways CitiExpress Isle of Man Ltd and the company will still be registered on the island."

"Bringing Manx Airlines closer into the British Airways network will mean that the Isle of Man operation will be a leaner business. Reducing complexity and duplication in the airline however will mean in time that around 60 fewer employees will be required to support the operation."

David Evans, General Manager UK Business, said: "The decision to change the Manx Airlines brand to British Airways forms part of the drive to transform British Airways into a simpler, leaner, more focused airline so we can thrive and prosper in an increasingly competitive market. However, there is no escaping the fact that a more integrated business means fewer employees on the Isle of Man and we are presently consulting with staff and their representatives."

"We fully acknowledge the importance of a London air link for the Isle of Man community and to this end we will be able to maintain the service by transferring it to Gatwick. Heathrow is a slot constrained airport and for British Airways to maximise the return on its valuable assets and strengthen its competitive position in Europe it makes sense for larger aircraft to operate on the Heathrow slots which are currently used for the IOM route."

<a href="http://www.manx-airlines.com/" target="_blank">Manx Airlines</a>

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Sean Dillon
14th Feb 2002, 13:56
Does this mean they are moving the head office/management from the island to MAN too ?

14th Feb 2002, 15:14
No, a further quote from the press release.. . [quote] Manx flights will be operated British Airways CitiExpress Isle of Man Ltd and the company will still be registered on the island. . . <hr></blockquote>