View Full Version : SouthernAir(ATLAS shell)

22nd Aug 2001, 07:04
New rumor out of purchase is that following the gov. approval of Atlas purchase of Polar that the announcement of the purchase of Southern Air will come to pass. Ther has been speculation on and off that the finances behind Southern were in face Atlas Air. And now it has been reported that Southern has been doing contract flying for Atlas even while Atlas has crews on furlough, in order to put pressure on the Atlas pilot group during contract neg.'s. Could this be a further fragmenting of Atlas, with the underlying idea to pit one pilot group against another, in order to depress labor demands? When asked about the Southern connection Atlas mgt. had no comment. Any Southern pilots out there?

22nd Aug 2001, 22:38
Not a Southern Pilot, but insider enough in the industry.

Southern had nothing to do with 5Y. The money comes form independent sources. But in the present economic environment it is very well possible that Atlas plans to buy Southern.

It is also not inimmaginable that some 5Y routes were subcontracted to Southern, but to see direct industrial action in that would be a little immaginative. That happens all the time. But, on the other hand, with Atlas you never know...