View Full Version : AC snag West Jet's head serang

21st Aug 2001, 23:43
Tomorrows Globe & Mail headlines (and every other Canadian newspaper). Air Canada hires West Jet CEO to run their "no frills" carrier. :D :mad: :confused:

22nd Aug 2001, 04:46
Already on the CBC http://cbc.ca/cgi-bin/templates/view.cgi?/news/2001/08/21/smith_010821

No, it's not Beddoe.

22nd Aug 2001, 05:22
Heard it yesterday.

Ex-Westjet chief, who built it from the ground up.

Could be a smart move.

22nd Aug 2001, 05:25
And who, having been unceremoniously kicked out of WJ might have just the right er.., competitive spirit (=axe to grind).

22nd Aug 2001, 15:59
Ex-Westjet chief, who built it from the ground up...

Actually, Stephen Smith was only with WestJet for about 18 months - hired March 17th, 1999 and left September 11, 2000 due to "...a difference in philosophy as to management style..."

"Prior to joining WestJet, he was president of Air Ontario and prior to that President of Air Toronto. Mr. Smith has worked in the airline industry for more than 20 years that have included positions in the areas of maintenance, marketing and finance, as well as senior positions at both Air Canada and Air Canada Vacations."