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6th Mar 2008, 11:06
Hi all, can anyone give a Jeppesen reference to climb requirements in RVSM airspace (last 1000'). I use max 1000' P/M for the last 1000 as technique. I am aware of JEPP- AU, standard rate. Thanks in advance....

6th Mar 2008, 15:54

never seen any restriction or rule about that.;for the latest k" , it's also a question of perfo...while climbing to fl 400..;the vast majority cannot sustain a 1000ft/ '...and to make it smoother ..usually it's about 500 ft/ ' or less...

another reason to reduce the rate is to avoid TA...frequent if you keep a high rate for the latest feet...with a LJ45 I can maintain easily a
3000ft / ' up to 370...but if I keep such a rate..the yellow or red fruits will appear faster then desired on the screen..:E

6th Mar 2008, 20:25
It is recomendation to avoid false RA. The RA appears as the one changing its level aproachs to a fixed lvl traffic with more than 1500 fpm.

6th Mar 2008, 22:11
http://www.ecacnav.com/downloads/RVSM%20Flight%20crew%20training%20and%20operations%20conside rations.pdf

Para 3.2

6th Mar 2008, 23:34
Hi people, thanks. I was wanting to know if there is any reg's that stipulate a given climb/descent rate for the last 1000'. I have found plenty of literature on recommended techniques but it's just that, recommended. I am aware of high climb/descent rates on TA/RA, rates of closure, overshoot/undershoot etc...

7th Mar 2008, 04:18
Unfortunately, regulators will only change/create rules as a reaction to an accident/serious incidents. Operators might have a different approach. My previous operator had in its SOP a 700'/mn max rate on clmb/dsct in RVSM in the last 1000', achieved by use of V/S (logic being that if everybody does it, the max closure rate would be 1400'/mn which is below the threshhold of RA); my present operator does not want to see you use the V/S mode (scared of stalling the plane!) unless it is to maintained a rate requested by ATC. Probably the next generations of aircrat will have alt capture mode that reduces the rate in the last 1000', until then...

Maisk Rotum
10th Mar 2008, 12:17
Some states suggest it, as does the JAR states. From the Eurocontrol website FAQs;

Question P6: What are the rates of climb/descent to be applied in European RVSM airspace?
Answer: The ICAO Regional Supplementary Procedures for Europe (Doc 7030/4) do not specify vertical speed(s) for European RVSM airspace.
The EUROCONTROL ACAS Programme recommendation is that when operating within or outside of RVSM airspace, aircraft should be climbed or descended at a rate of less than 1000 feet per minute in the last 1000 feet to level off in order to avoid ACAS alerts, except that pilots shall comply with any climb/descent rates specified in an ATC clearance or instruction (visit EUROCONTROL ACAS Programme website and click on ACAS II Bulletins - see ACAS II Bulletin Nos. 2, 7 and 8).
Additionally, some European States have published regulations in their Aeronautical Information Publications (AIPs) specifying vertical rates, so it is important to refer to relevant AIPs for specific information.
airspace website.

Some companies put it in their ops manuals

Some states put it in the AIP so it becomes a rule. ie Australia.

Maisk Rotum
10th Mar 2008, 12:41
It is important to read exactly what Eurocontrol says in their ACAS Bulletin no. 8;

To prevent such RAs, EUROCONTROL has recommended that pilots climb or descend at a rate less than 1000 fpm in the last 1000 ft before reaching the cleared flight level when they are aware of traffic in close vicinity at the adjacent flight level. This is equally important in RVSM airspace

In other words there has to be traffic-just don't do it without a reason.

In the Australian AIP it has exactly the same scenario but they qualify it- ie there has to be traffic within 5nm and 2000' vertically.

10th Mar 2008, 14:01
Thanks, Maisk do you have the Aus AIP reference for that requirement. It never mentions it in the RVSM section 55. Cheers Intake

Maisk Rotum
11th Mar 2008, 04:01
No I don't because I left the Oz scene a few years a go but it is not related to RVSM. It is about TCAS and applies in any airspace.