View Full Version : BE offering Gill Jobs?

2nd Oct 2001, 19:10
I see BE who are taking over Belfast and Paris are offering to give some jobs to Gill ex employees. I hope they have plenty of money as the industry seems to be going to pot! :cool:
What is interesting is that only some jobs will be ofered I wounder what that actually means.

northern boy
3rd Oct 2001, 03:41
Skywalker, you are an idiot.

1: learn to spell
2: learn some grammar
3: learn some sense. Anyone offering to take on redundant folk is to be roundly applauded.

Phillipa Hole
3rd Oct 2001, 04:19
Northern Boy. 'Boy' being the correct word, wind yer neck in! :mad:

rhythm method
3rd Oct 2001, 04:52

Just back from the pub old girl? How did the wet T-Shirt competition go?

By the way, 'Pumas' are a type of running shoe!!!!! :p :p :p :p :p

3rd Oct 2001, 10:42
Doesn't it make you proud to be associated with such intellect.

Well done BE, I hope the route works out and that some pilots and families benefit from this good news.

Phillipa Hole
3rd Oct 2001, 19:15
Nips still stuck out!! :eek: