View Full Version : SHED JOBS

class a
2nd Oct 2001, 18:09
Just heard that Streamline the Shed operator at Luton have taken delivery of 3 more shorts 360s and have taken on 8 gill air pilots

Ivan aromer
2nd Oct 2001, 22:38
Now that's what I call a sense of humour!

2nd Oct 2001, 23:57
Sorry Ivan, you might think it needs a sense of humor, but I have worked for Streamline and have a lot of respect for the M.D. (young Kevin) and his Chief Pilot (Mike). If Kevin and his fellow directors have decided in the current circumstances to acquire three more sheds and some ex - Gill pilots to operate them then the decision will not have been taken lightly. I am pretty sure that those pilots will have a job as long as they can stand the schedules of night freight - er - that is if the proposed work IS night freight. If I had known that these new aircraft were being acquired then I would have asked for a job as well, but when I enquired they were fully crewed.