View Full Version : Be extra vigilant especially at Newark

2nd Oct 2001, 18:04
I am not sure where to post this, it really does not fit anywhere.
The other day I had a connection through Newark NJ. The time between my flights was quite long so I decided I would go outside the terminal for some fresh air, and a quick walk to stretch my legs. It started to rain so I went back in and joined the queue (which was about 800 feet) for the security check. I got into a conversation with the chap in front of me. We spoke about the new security procedures as well as many other things. It finally was our turn to put our bags through the X-ray machine, empty our pockets and walk through the metal detector. The chap I was talking to set off the metal detector, so he was instructed to go through a second time, and set it off that time too. He proceeded to walk and pick up his bags of the X-ray machine. I went through (without setting it off) picked up my bags, and we carried on our conversation. I asked if he did set it off both times, he said yes, and mentioned how surprised he was about not being pulled a side to be frisked. We carried on walking and started talking about something else. I then went off to my gate, boarded, and flew home, not thinking again about what happened just a few minutes earlier at the security check.
This morning it did cross my mind again, and not only is the fact that he got through security with out going through the metal detector and not setting it off scary, but also how lax I was about the whole situation. The fact that I probably should have told some one did not cross my mind once.
I just hope if any of you guys see something strange to remember this and tell someone.