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21st Feb 2008, 17:23
Hey folks,

Question - I am not extremely up on my STARs, and thought about practicing one into KBNA next week. Either the Heehaw Five or Graham Five:

Here are the links so you don't have to go root them up:

Can I file direct to MINUS or PICKN and then pick up the rest of the HEEHAW FIVE into BNA? In other words can I pick up a STAR at an intermediate location on the STAR? If so would I just do the Central City Transition? Will that work? Or do I have to start at the Central City VOR or Farmington or...? Or will the ATC guys be like "The hell?"

Anybody got any good tutorials for flying STARs and DPs?

Take care!

21st Feb 2008, 19:55
My experience of STARs are that you flight plan to the start of the arrival - ie the entry point.

I've rarely flown the full arrival ending with holding at the clearance limit. Most times you tend to fly only part of it, or even (like you mention) get a short cut to an intermediate point.

21st Feb 2008, 20:20

according to your arrival sector and linked with the low or high level route...you select (fpl) the most convinient arrival point (vor or other)..'I mean the First point..not an intermediate one) the rest will be in accordance with approach atc & according to the traffic..don't worry...

For exemple..you file (coming from the north..Terre-Haute and than the destination..and that's it..


21st Feb 2008, 20:38
K, so I can file direct MINUS then Hehaw Five?

21st Feb 2008, 20:52
No...you don't read....

Fam or terre haute...the FIRST one I said..on the published arrival route...

Minus is already In the arrival..route..You need to select an INITIAL point..

21st Feb 2008, 22:21
incorrect, I try to read... But with all the misplaced parenthesis and apostrophes, and the word "yep" in the first line, plus words such as "exemple", it makes things a bit difficult to decipher...

Pugilistic Animus
21st Feb 2008, 23:18
A STAR is optional---however if you chose to file a STAR.. your flight plan will include the STAR and you must file via the proper initial fix/ transition route as was stated...

STARS are designed to expedite traffic flow so if you choose "no STAR" then ATC will simply read the STAR routing for you and you still fly the STAR :E

Now in actuality you may REQUEST a deviation from the STAR with ATC, if doing so is beneficial to your operations, and ATC maybe more than happy assist you,...in that case it wont hurt to ask...but ATC will [if able] attempt to expedite your arrival ...with ATC never be afraid to ask,but don't try to be sneaky---not that you are---but in general


Pugilistic Animus
21st Feb 2008, 23:24
Oh the best reference for instrument procedures in the US is "Instrument Procedures Handbook FAA 8261---this is the standard reference for the practical and written test IR---ATPL...also Richard Taylor's "Instrument Flying" which teaches the "real world" way to get around

best of luck!

22nd Feb 2008, 18:42
I really wonder..what is difficult to read...

You consider the FIRST point (vor or else) according to your arriving sector and/or the closest airway you're arriving from....and that's it..

The ATC will give you further info's from this "initial point" to the rest of the procedure...up to the landing runwy for you..

Note that is some contry, you have to file a Star...in order to get an acknowledge of your flight plan...

Is that clear now...

Pugilistic Animus
23rd Feb 2008, 17:20
Oh.and for the US pilots let's not forget the venerable AIM----the aeronautical information manual----

--------READ YOUR AIM !------

and do try to keep updated on part 91 of 14 CFR:8