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20th Feb 2008, 09:20
Hi there.

Would appreciate some advice on the QRH and the information provided in them.

In the QRH i use there is a brake cooling page-either go thru the landing weight,airfield alt,brakes on,etc and continue thru and you get result, or you can go straight to the temp indicated at on chocks and you come out with the cooling period.

My question is .....that period that you get-is that an advisory,caution, note or what? Does that time period end when you taxi or is to take off.
I am aware of the consequenses of ignoring it but what is the definative-down to the crew,an airmanship thing or what?

I know what i think and believe but need some one out there to give me a definative please.

Appreciate any1's ideas thoughts and reasoning.



20th Feb 2008, 12:08
It rather depends on the type and the airline concerned, in my experience.
Considering the same type, at one airline the brake cooling requirements are advisory only, whereas at another they might be considered as mandatory.
This is because the specific type, altho having brake temperature gauges fitted originally, had them removed (for a variety of reasons) and this was permitted as they were listed in the MEL as not a required item.

Having said this, crew that treat brake temperatures as advisory only, may well find themselves in the poo if a high speed reject is required and the aircraft ends up in the weeds...the respective fleet manager will certainly not be pleased.

20th Feb 2008, 12:14
I agree with 411A, it kinda depends on the airline and definitely your fleet manager, oohh and i almost forgot... your respective chief pilot... :}

21st Feb 2008, 05:53
Hi thanks for replies

unfortuneately thats why i had to post here to get answers from other people-flt manager-nfi big time.cp is same if you can understand him.the company has no policy on this hence the question