View Full Version : BA A319 winglet strike at LHR

18th Feb 2008, 21:59
While at work today i heard that there was an incident involving a BA A319 (G-EUPF) on stand 461 T4 where a cargo vehicle struck the winglet on the right wing before passengers boarded the aircraft BA718 ZRH. when i drove past it, there didnt seem like any damage and after close inspection they cleared it for passenger service. wondering if anyone else heard of this?

Swedish Steve
18th Feb 2008, 22:23
A BA A319 winglet was changed two days ago after being hit by a lorry. Perhaps you were getting the wrong story?

18th Feb 2008, 22:43
hmm, knowing me i am, but i heard it happened today on the said stand and i also drove past it while they were inspecting the tip. it was safe to fly.