View Full Version : Rumor turns to fact at UAL

2nd Oct 2001, 02:14
From the Senior VP Flt Ops today. Note all pilots including probationary, but excepting the herpes (over 60's) get recall rights.

This is Captain Steve Forte on Monday, October 1st, with an important message about pilot reductions.

After discussions with ALPA, we are implementing the following reductions:

Effective October 7, all student pilots (approximately 16) will be terminated with recall rights.
Effective October 15th, 100 probationary pilots will be furloughed.
Effective October 31st, 475 additional pilots will be furloughed.
According to the contract, the company has the right to terminate probationary pilots without cause. However, whether they're on probation or not, these folks are valuable members of our Flight Operations team, and we hope to get them back on the job as soon as possible. Therefore, we're offering all these pilots, including student pilots, recall rights.

Reductions will be handled in reverse seniority order and flight offices will begin notifying pilots today.

In addition, with the decision to permanently retire all B727 aircraft effective October 31, 2001, all Second Officer positions will be eliminated. Those pilots over age 60 or permanently bid restricted to the Second Officer position will be provided the opportunity to competitively seek employment elsewhere in the company or retire.

At this time we don't plan any pilot furloughs in December. The timing and number of additional furloughs will depend on a more permanent aircraft schedule, how many pilots elect voluntary options, and how many are affected by military duty, among other things.

Of course, these aren't just numbers, these are people . . . and these furloughs deeply affect all of us. If you have any questions about the furlough process, please contact your domicile office or, at TK, your manager.

Thank you for your patience awaiting this announcement. Please continue to check these messages and Front Page News for additional updates as they become available. "