View Full Version : VEX is losing lots of money

sky unlimited
30th Mar 2001, 10:49
According to the Belgium Television, Brussel-based Virgin Express lost 65m Euro and is now thinking of selling at least 15 aircrafts. Are there some insiders with more information?

30th Mar 2001, 14:04
Not an insider but found following;
12 months to Dec 31,2000 all in millions of euros

Group net profit (loss) (65.20)
Pre-tax profit (loss) (65.29)
Operating profit (loss) (61.83)
Exceptional gains (charges) (17.5)
Turnover 289.87

rgds Rat

30th Mar 2001, 14:51
Silly Question really, but how can VEX sell aircraft that they don't own??