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11th Feb 2008, 21:41
I am putting together a small training presentation for my department regarding altimeter corrections for cold temps and baro vnav approaches. I know cold temp corrections has been discussed here previously, but does any one know that if a flight crew does correct the altimeter for cold temps, can they then disregard the procedural note "baro vnav not authorized below -XXc"? This is more directed towards FAA and TERPS, but any input would be great.


11th Feb 2008, 21:46
Hello. Here in Canada the temperature ban can only be lifted if the FMS in question is specifically designed to correct for temperature during VNAV approaches. If you cannot input the temperature as an approach parameter then you cannot do the VNAV approach below -XXc.

12th Feb 2008, 21:06
Thanks--that helps because our FMS does have the capabilty to correct the altitudes..actually that is what the training program is about.

Thanks again