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9th Feb 2008, 13:05
I have been trying to find out what color the CRJ weather radar uses in either the WX+T or TURB mode to show the turbulence. I have looked into all three FCOMS (-200/700/900) and the pilot reference manuals, no help. The Collins website says magenta, which does make sense, but nothing that has Bombardier on it answers the question.:ugh: Some of my companies inter office stuff says cyan which also makes sense, as in different color than a very high level return.

So, CRJ pilots that have this mode on your weather radar, what color is the display when showing WX+T or TURB?

I have also wondered if this is not a tail number specific thing, as in pin programmable on the back of the weather radar unit.

Thanks for the help!

Willie Everlearn
9th Feb 2008, 13:45

The Collins Wx Radar in turbulence mode simply introduces a heightened level of precipation and an additional colour, magenta. Turbulence levels are defined in each colour presented and depend upon specific precipitation rates.

An explanation of the turbulence level is covered by each colour displayed starting with green, which is light to moderate turbulence. Level 6 is severe turbulence, large hail, lightning, extensive wind gusts and is covered by the colour magenta.

I beg to differ, but your Bombardier CRJ PRM does show these details in the Normal Section. (see the table of contents under Weather Radar)
When the Video Integrated Processor (VIP) detects a precipitation rate of 0.52 inches per hour (13.2 mm/hr) you will have a VIP intensity of either 5 or 6. This will be indicated by the particular Wx radar return as either intense or extreme as defined by the colour magenta.

Also, the colour of some elements may be changed. For example, some blue light filtering lenses can change to red. For a radar target, this represents a reduction in the actual level of intensity of the target.

Customers may choose to install Wx Radar units without Wx+T capability.

I hope this helps?

willie :ok:

9th Feb 2008, 15:48

Thanks, I'll go look at the normal section, I was reading the system description section, thinking it would be in there.

11th Feb 2008, 06:28

I looked at our copy of the PRM, (June 2007) but still did not see what I'm looking for.

I'm trying to find what the display color will be with the radar in the WX+T or TURB mode. While the normal section talks about Turbulence in the storm, it does not say what the display will look like if WX+T is selected. I would think it would be something different than Magenta, but who knows? (i.e. the idea behind this post)