View Full Version : Notam abbreviations.

9th Feb 2008, 07:25
During flight planning we are deluged with several tree's worth of, in many cases, irrelevant notams, e.g. planning for NY-Uk we are given the latest Ntms for Las Vegas.

In addition these are all in abbreviated form, taking an inordinate time to decipher in many cases.

With all the paper used why not simply use plain english, the reason for using Morse Code has been overcome some time ago.

Similar / different experiences ?

9th Feb 2008, 11:45
I stand to be corrected but I always assumed the lack of plain English is because these notams are for international consumption, so universal abbreviations are prefered - rather than an English narrative.

As for being told that the rubbish collection service is delayed until 4pm in an aerodrome several hundred miles from your route, I know, I wonder about that too. Try and take the positives from it - there are some real hidden gems in there...

Ndicho Moja
10th Feb 2008, 01:27
One of the reasons that there are so many NOTAMs, irrelevant to your flight, is that the filtre is not set properly. Without a proper filtre you will receive NOTAMs relevant to all the FIRs that you will enter. With reference to using more plain English.....If you are receiving tree loads of paper now you will need a barrow to carry the forest you would other wise receive. Once you get your head around the abbreviations all will be revealed. It will also keep you out of trouble. Good luck.