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30th Sep 2001, 23:17
Can anyone share any light on the meeting held with some Gill staff yesterday about trying to get Gi back up in the air? I believe pilots and cabin crew had a meeting on Saturday.

Neil Charles
1st Oct 2001, 01:01
Was in Newcastle the other night saw three of their ATR's lined up, blocked in by snow clearance vehicles - a real sad sight.

Can anyone explain why airports use this practice of blocking aircraft with vehicles -is it to announce to the world who the bad guy's are. After all, under the current climate they are hardly going to vanish off into the sunset. Its about time some of these airports realised that without the aircraft there would be no airports. You can only screw the golden goose for so long!

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1st Oct 2001, 02:44
Creditors meeting in Marriott Hotel Metro Centre Thursday Oct 4th.Don't know time.
Maybe a good time to meet like minded folk.
Best of luck to all.You can not keep good Geordies down for long.

Raw Data
1st Oct 2001, 02:54
Strong rumours around NCL of a possible new company being started by ex-Gill staff, but who knows? Geordies are subject to the same economic realities as everyone else...

Not sure where they would fly to, all the viable routes have been taken over by others.

1st Oct 2001, 19:10
Raw Data: Nearly all of the viable routes! British European are flying to CDG and BHD but the STN and DUB (in competition with BA)routes are still available. Rumours of GO taking the STN route. The Gill/Air France F100 has been flown away by the leasing company, the ATR's are still impounded.

Raw Data
2nd Oct 2001, 00:22
Like I said...

Why do you think it is that no-one has rushed to pick up the STN and DUB routes? Could it be... because nobody thinks they are viable...???

Most aviation execs know that if you let a route stagnate for more than a few days, it is very, very hard to get it going again. In these times, few are willing to spend the time on a route that may or may not make money.

I suspect Go have too many of their own problems to try NCL-STN, especially with such a good rail link. Who knows, though...

2nd Oct 2001, 02:18
The Royal Mail would like it to re-start and have already been in-touch with the CAA to ask if it is possible, how long it would take....Is there no-one in NCL able to pick up this contract? Suprises me if not!

From what I gather most enquiries have been from "my mate's got loadsa money" type people...

GO NCL-STN with a B733/148Y !!!?????? Agree with Raw Data on that one!