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8th Feb 2008, 00:36
For those who enjoy aircraft systems. I am about to go for my A320 type rating. I was wondering if there are any A320 pilots who could throw some interesting/challenging questions you know or were asked before. A reference would be appreciated as well. Thanks.


Chris Scott
8th Feb 2008, 11:04
Good luck, Bubi352, but it's exactly 20 years since I sat the exam. It had been hastily concocted by the CAA, who had been doing the course with us at Toulouse. It was the longest ARB paper thus far.

There wasn't much about the electrical system, because it was being redesigned in the face of a RAT stalling problem, which could occur in sideslip with the nose-gear down. [The original intention had been to provide Alternate Law even with the loss of both engine generators, rather than Direct Law. Don't know the situation today.]

You didn't want to know about that, but at least it gets your request to the top of the pile for a few minutes...

Enjoy (the flying), Chris

8th Feb 2008, 11:20
i)You loose AC bus 1. Without pressing any buttons, which electrical busses will now be powered? Ref: FCOM1.24 electrical. Not tricky really but tests knowledge.

ii)Smoke is detected in the avionics ventilation system, which lights will you have lit up on the overhead panel, also is this a master caution or warning? ref: FCOM1.26 Fire protection