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Electric Sky
29th Sep 2001, 21:41
A bit of good news for a change :)

Ansett received clearance to return to service today and recommenced operations simultaneaously with 2 flights departing Melbourne and Sydney. It seems that employee power has a lot to do with the restart and although the future still looks uncertain for Ansett, I for one wish them all the best.


ES ;)

29th Sep 2001, 22:31
What a relief!!!

Any truth in a rumour that the Ozzy drivers in SIA had approached the top boys NOT to recruit any ex Ansett boys as they are "scabs".???

30th Sep 2001, 01:01
Hardly anything to get too excited about. Only a very small fraction of its former self. More of the sad details in "Dunnunder". :(

30th Sep 2001, 09:48
There are no scabs at ansett, the folks in dispute in 1989 resigned, leaving their jobs to those who chose to accept them...

30th Sep 2001, 10:22
I was a dispute pilot and it is good to see that what goes round comes round.

A pity for some Ansett workers but they should have given us some support in 89 and perhaps this would not have happened?

Willie Everlearn
1st Oct 2001, 05:12
Plane Facts and 2 High....
give it a rest.
Go moan dunnunda! :rolleyes:

1st Oct 2001, 05:49

Onya dude!!

2 high,

No truth at all. There have been a umber who went just prior to this debacle, and a few since. The managers at SQ don't care too much for petty prejudices, particularly ones held about events 12 years old and in another country.


I'm sure it wouldn't have happened if you were here. It's God punishing the scabs.

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1st Oct 2001, 19:09
Willie:- Please, don't encourage any more of them to defect to D&G, we have enough of them here already.

Kind regards,