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1st Feb 2008, 03:45
I hear that those 72 FlyBoys are Brave. Not only do they Deliver the boxes to Iraq:ugh:.,They also practise stalling a 727 @5000feet and recover by 2000 feet:=

1st Feb 2008, 04:04
No not good enough!

I want them to carry out a deep stall and recovery. When you're ready guys.:}

Coming for the ride? Not me mate!

2nd Feb 2008, 01:58
Although I no longer work in Bahrain, I can tell you the checkrides they give on the 727 are not only a waste of time but dangerous. I happen to know the first officer personally on the flight that day. I can you he is a very professional and excellent pilot with many years of experience on the 727. The day of the checkride the weather was very bad with towering CB's all around. Concerns about the weather was expressed to the check Captain, who in my opinion shouldn't even be a check airman. To make a long story short the ride continued with steep turns in the clouds and stalls which finally lead to the incident you guys are talking about. The first officer pushed the throttles to the full stops ( as he very well should have) and refused to do anymore stalls. Finally the Captain agreed and the aircraft returned to Bahrain. What's interesting is the engines were never scoped after they where over-temp. due to the recovery of the stall, which is mandatory to do. I miss the guys from Bahrain, but I don't miss the stupid s:mad:t like that which has been going on for years and will continue to go on until someone gets killed.

2nd Feb 2008, 03:05
Are DHL so backward they don't even have access to simulators?

The simulator is the place to monkey around with that type of thing without risking life or machine.

IIRC The Australian air force tried a similar stunt in a B707 years ago and came to grief, big time.

Why try and reinvent the wheel? If you look for trouble, you will find it sooner or later.

vagabond 47
2nd Feb 2008, 04:03
TOO many times in Aviation..........Guys with the Big watch, big Nav Bag, small Pitot Tube and Bald Patch........ if they had to train, or check, that would kill the "Rambo".