View Full Version : RTOW A319 charts

1st Feb 2008, 04:23
I'm looking for a supplier of A319 RTOW charts, does anyone have any recommendations?

Pugilistic Animus
1st Feb 2008, 04:40
deleted for being an *ss:}

Max Angle
1st Feb 2008, 11:25
No you don't. Several companies, often subsidiaries of parent airlines, make and sell RTOW charts for various aircraft types. We have just changed from doing our own to buying it in, can't find the memo now but I think SAS are doing it.

1st Feb 2008, 22:55
Various options, you can make them yourself if you know what you're doing with winPEP.. or you could go to EAG, or Flygprestanda to name but a few of the 3rd party providors

3rd Feb 2008, 14:40
A prime reason to go to EAG or whoever is that you also need the airport data, particularly obstacle distances and heights, and the ongoing airport surveillance. You can get that yourself, but most airlines would buy in the complete package, or run their own Performance Dept.

7th Feb 2008, 02:10
Cheers guys, certainly given me a few opitions to explore....have been playing around with PEP and had mixed results (believe the program was written in the 1940's :ugh:, so I'm just looking to outsource...