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29th Sep 2001, 12:31
Just a minute; a pax,on the ground, jokes about a gun he isn't carrying in his bag and he's carted off in chains and everyone cheers. A pax on board an aircraft is caught smoking and then utters anti-Americanisms and becomes disruptive, so the aircraft returns for a landing, and this is an over-reaction. We aren't allowed to take forks and knives in our nav-bags but we are allowed a nice big crash-axe with us in the cockpit.
I don't wonder if the terrorists use this site just to play with everyones sanity. :confused:

Tom the Tenor
29th Sep 2001, 12:50
Yes, I was beginning to think the same. A wise Captain reminded me yesterday that in aviation sometimes sh!t happens!

29th Sep 2001, 12:55
Why should I give up my penknife, screwdriver and nail file, when in an hour's time I will be flying an aircraft which is a potential guided missile. There is no sense in aviation any more. The whole thing has kneejerked and security are too stupid to comprehend this point.

Midland Maniac
29th Sep 2001, 15:07
The Aviation world is going MAD!!!!!!!!

The whole world is going MAD!!!!!!

Lets just hope that it all calms down sooner rather than later!! :eek:

Richard Spandit
29th Sep 2001, 16:41
On a positioning flight from DUB to LGW with BA, I was searched very thoroughly in front of all the other passengers, despite showing them my ID I still had my stapler confiscated (what damage I could do with a 2-inch long stapler, I do not know).
Security don't seem to realise that a grumpy passenger is a lot more likely to kick off than one who is calm. I was fuming through most of the flight.

It does seem ridiculous that we cannot carry penknives in our flight bags. If I were to hijack a plane, I don't think leaning across either pilot to rummage through his flight bsg in search of a suitable weapon would be my strategy. I can think of some much better weapons that are freely available on most aircraft.

They'll be confiscating our headsets soon, in case we try to strangle someone with the cord...

29th Sep 2001, 17:57
I just realised I have been flying ever since the WTC disaster with a lethal weapon in my posession. No security guard has ever questioned my right to carry it. It could kill in seconds when used. It's 5 inches long, metal and sharpened to fine point. I can carry as many as I like - without question.

It's my pen of course.

29th Sep 2001, 23:28
Well, I don't understand why they don't confiscate our cigarette lighters and matches. :confused: