View Full Version : Hot water outlet on A320

16th Jan 2008, 17:03
Quick question, where does the water originate from that comes out of the hot water pipe/vane to the rear of hold 5 on 319/320/321 aircraft ?


16th Jan 2008, 17:28
there is a service point (at least on our A/C ) just below the aft service door,for ground water to a holding tank for potable water.....have the schematic but cant post it......

note....dont think that was your question after re-reading it.....on occasion the water comes from the aft lav sink....I know this because during pre-post flight inspections,Ive taken a "hit"......hopefully this answers your question

16th Jan 2008, 17:51
Yep, rear toilet sink and rear galley drain. never walk downwind of it!!

I dont know why airports allow aircraft to dump it on the ramp.

16th Jan 2008, 22:34
Thanks guys, thought as much, we regularly have crew leave their overnight bags on the floor underneath this outlet so that the rampers can load them in hold 5, generally 5 mins after they have disappeared to do whatever they do upstairs a stream of water starts to emmite from said outlet all over their bags! as the crew are the olny people aboard the aircraft at the time the finger must point at them! bet they wonder why their bags are always wet when the get to the other end :ugh: