View Full Version : City Bird almost gone !!!!

28th Sep 2001, 12:58
Today we will know if City Bird will survive or will go bankrupt !!!
Today the Court will decide !!!
Another Airline goind down... what's happening everywhere ???? Good Luck to everyone who is in the same situation.

The Zombie
1st Oct 2001, 20:39
What happened then ?

1st Oct 2001, 21:24
Anyone know which model of B767 they operate?

2nd Oct 2001, 04:20
According to their website, they fly 767-300ER (amongst others)

2nd Oct 2001, 04:42
They have operated a total of 4 767-300ERs I think and the last one is scheduled to be retired end of the month, at least if they last that long :(

2nd Oct 2001, 08:37
Tour Operator Thomas C(R)OOK doesn't seem to be home when they have to put the money where their mouth is! CityBird General Management and the personnel will file a law suit against T.C.