View Full Version : First Flight of the A318

Kerosene Kraut
15th Jan 2002, 15:22
The first Airbus A318 prototype took of this morning (10.10 local) for it's first flight from Hamburg-Finkenwerder. Wasn't the Embraer 170 scheduled to fly before year's end as well?

15th Jan 2002, 15:37
I bet you´re going to fly one of these birds, fourstripes!

15th Jan 2002, 17:12
Really good news for the industry - this aircraft is going to be a big winner of the years to come.

Good to speak about some technical news for a change : it always surprised me the way the majority of airline pilots just read (as an example) the employment pages of FLIGHT, and never the rest of the magazine (98% of my personal statistics, from myself offering my magazine to the other crew member and watching the guy)

Sorry !