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6th Jan 2008, 23:53
I am a first time poster. Presently teaching International Procedures at FlightSafety Teterboro. Formerly flew B747 for TWA, last flew in 1998. I would appreciate up to date info concerning use of RVSM procedures in Russia and/or in any of the former CIS states. Information about future use of RVSM in these airspaces would also be appreciated.
I have been told verbally by several flight crew members that RVSM is presently being used along some airways in Russia today. Is that true? If it is, what documents are available to verify that information?
Dick Siano

7th Jan 2008, 00:23
Hi rsiano -
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Ex-PanAm, now with AR Argentina - Retiring next NOV. - 747.200 Ck-Pilot...
Delivered 4 747-200s to TransAero Moscow 3 years ago...
Back then, transition from RVSM Europe to Metric LVL was in Belarus/Minsk airspace.
But they should just start having RVSM by now.
I dont know if they will standardise Metric RVSM with the Chinese RVSM levels.
I am certain one of our friends here will let you know, a few of the guys here are current on that route.
Happy contrails

7th Jan 2008, 08:16
Mainland China RVSM metric flight levels are inclusive from 8,900m [FL291] to 12,500m [FL411]. ATC issues flight level assignments in meters, but the airplane is always flown using the corresponding published flight level in feet.

7th Jan 2008, 09:48
Much appreciated GlueBall...
I heard there was a question that Mongolia might either use Chinese levels
Or elect to use the Russian levels, if Russia does not elect to copy Chinese levels...
Last I read about that, was the report of ICAO BKK Conference, July 2007...
Was not decided (apparently) at that time. I did not follow-up on that.
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7th Jan 2008, 09:59
IFALPA has produced a graphic for transition to Russia/Kazakhstan levels, from which I infer that RVSM is in operation. I can't copy the table, but (westbound) for example: 7200, 7800, 8600, (M) ie 28200, 31500, 34800 (FL)
Not primary research, I know, but reliable nonetheless.

galaxy flyer
9th Jan 2008, 19:08
I was just through CIS airspace yesterday, BOM-LON. Russia still uses "conventional" metric altitudes, but Turkmenistan, above FL 210 uses ICAO standard levels. Combined with a transit of Ukraine, several shuffles up and down a few feet. FL430 and FL 470 were available unlike some other locales than seem to distrust high levels (read: Pakistan, Siberia and China)


9th Jan 2008, 19:47
When I left Kazakhstan in Sept of the last year , Kazaeronavigatsia - the State ANS provider in Kazakhstan - had trained all its ATCOs in RVSM techniques and was entering the end phase of a co-ordinated introduction of same for when its neighbour China introduced RVM scheduled on or about 22 November. I haven't heard since but believe that China certainly went RVSM. Dont know about Kazak.

12th Jan 2010, 02:16
China implemented before the Olympics in 2008 [/font]
1) Dates: 17 NOV 2011[/font]
2) States: Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. (There is a negotiation to include also Afghanistan).Turkmenistan says Afghanistan must implement simultaneously.
3) Yes, they will use ICAO Annex 2 table 3a. The Chinese use Annex 2 table 3b, which came from the fact that in the Chinese airspace they decided to keep the meters as the main unit of measurement and doing so the tables needed to be adjusted to keep the same levels of safety as the equivalent in ft.
4) Just China uses Annex 2 table 3b.
5) There are no inconsistent States, in the Russian and Chinese spheres of influence.