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4th Jan 2008, 17:56
can anyone tell me [with appropriate references] whether twins in n atlantic mnps airspace are required to report fuel remaining over every waypoint cos i have heard many doing so but cannot find it in writing anywhere

4th Jan 2008, 18:51
Adding our fuel to HF position reports complies with our Ops Specs for "flight following." Oceanic will forward the info we give them in the position report to our company...it's a standing request. If we were not able to do that, we would have to make an additional report to cover that requirement.
I do not see any reference for the requirement to report fuel. In fact, it would likely be fruitless to report fuel if your company did not have an agreement with Oceanic to forward those reports.
This link might be of assistance:
Standard Message Types
6.3.8 Standard air/ground message types and formats are used within the NAT Region and are
published in State AIPs and Atlantic Orientation charts. To enable ground stations to process messages in
the shortest possible time, pilots should observe the following rules:
(1) use the correct type of message applicable to the data transmitted;
(2) state the message type in the contact call to the ground station or at the start of the message;
(3) adhere strictly to the sequence of information for the type of message;
(4) all times in any of the messages should be expressed in hours and minutes UTC.
6.3.9 The message types are shown below with examples:
Example: “Position, Swissair 100, on 5649, 56 North 010 West at 1235, Flight Level 330, Estimating
56 North 020 West at 1310, 56 North 030 West Next”

5th Jan 2008, 16:56
It is mainly a US/Canadian requirement as they may have Flight Following in which case, Ops will monitor the flight and if there is a problem, they will require and organise the divert.

Bad to the bones
5th Jan 2008, 17:13
Hope it help you, on the IFALPA air traffic services Briefing leaflet, There is a check list used for reference, it gives you step by step all the flight phases, on the 'Overhead Waypoints" it states:
1-- Confirm next lat/long
2--Check track and distance against master CFP
3--Confirm time to next WPT
Note: 3-minute or more change on ETA requires ATC notificATION

Dan Winterland
6th Jan 2008, 04:26
Automatic Dependent Surveillance (ADS) will also report the fuel at each waypoint if programmed. The operator I flew for had this funtion enabled even though we were flying four engined aircraft.