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3rd Jan 2008, 09:43
Due to heavy snowfall,Henri Coanda (Otopeni) and Baneasa airports are closed untill 12.30 GMT.

3rd Jan 2008, 11:53
Weather Bulletins For Otp(lrop) - Bucharest

Alternates Bud Bbu Sof Beg Vie Cnd

Note: Wind Speed In Metres/sec

Sa 031130 031130z 04005mps 6000 Sct010 Ovc025 M06/m07 Q1024
Tempo 3000 Sn 58890592 085930// -
Sa 031100 031100z 05004g09mps 340v090 1500 Sn Br Sct006
Ovc010 M06/m07 Q1024 Tempo 3000 58890592 085930//

3rd Jan 2008, 22:19
OTP is a bit of a mess right now. Was due to leave early this morning; of course the airport was "closed" due to snow until 14h30 local; from what I understood, GND refused to start to de-ice the (overnight) a/c until approx 18h00. After approx 1h30 they gave up (in fact they tried hard but were unable to de-ice properly, after having spent some consierable amount of fluid, couple of tonnes if I remember right).

3rd Jan 2008, 22:22
how was cluj today

4th Jan 2008, 08:50
The whole country is pretty bad but worse in the South and the East. The news this morning featured lots of road closures, a near riot at OTP and apparently we got down to minus 24 somewhere here last night.

OTP seems to be a complete cluster at the moment with a complete lack of useful information being passed to passengers leading to frayed tempers. not an ideal situation for crews when flying recomences.

4th Jan 2008, 11:42
....and now, the latest news show that the pax of Wizz for London( Luton), and pax of Sky Europe for Viena, (these 2 flights had to be operated yesterday), are very upset and want to block the acces into Otopeni departure terminal area ....

4th Jan 2008, 17:19
So, back to this de-icing story, let me ask a few questions please. Several a/c are caught by snow, overnight. Eventually some ~5" of snow have accumulated on wings, part of fuselage, etc. Icicles have formed. Temperature is -7 degrees C. Now, how long would it take to remove the snow and properly de-ice and protect such an a/c at some airport you are familiar with? Where is the experience needed to make a decision whether to try operate such a flight that day? Mainly with the ground services I would guess, after all they know what their equipment can do? Who could say "we are not going to make it before XX hours"?