View Full Version : Lufthansa Pilots go on stri.ke, 30 % raise demanded

26th Mar 2001, 17:53
On Wednesday this week Lufthansa Pilots will go on a 3 hr Stri.ke, a 30 % increase in pilots sallaries is demanded.
After a couple of unsucsessfull negotiations between the managment of LH and the Pilots Association "Vereinigung Cockpit (VC)", this is seen as the only way to come to an acceptable collective agreement!

26th Mar 2001, 18:11
Is this fact or rumour....
If it is fact I wish them good luck, and hope the airline managers in Europe will start to fell the same heat as the americans.. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

26th Mar 2001, 18:22
Its 110% fact!!

Trust me, I know!

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26th Mar 2001, 18:53
it is high time all the mainland european pilots do something about pay raise. Its long over due. Pilot shortage may have something to do with pay. If paid like a bus driver then its difficult to attrac wannabes.

26th Mar 2001, 19:47
Is it only LH pilots, or are Condor etc getting involved? And seeing as jmc is part the whole eqaution what if jmc pilots were asked/directed to cover their work?

fantum farter
26th Mar 2001, 19:51

1...2...3 all together 'We'll keep the red flag flying here'etc etc


Sierra One
26th Mar 2001, 20:36

You are totally INCORRECT in saying that Lufthansa pilots are going on strike.

Ground and Cabin Crew Unions called for a 3 hour unofficial strike yesterday. Today they have settled for 3.5%.

The Pilot Union (VC) and Management talks have ended until April. No outcome, raises demanded are between 30-80%.

See financialtimes.com for more info

26th Mar 2001, 21:09
Believe it, it is true.
(Sierra: FT just havenīt told you so yet, or they donīt know - itīs in the German media by now.)

The other contract talks had nothing to do with the pilots.
The s* on Friday by ground pers. etc. - represented by the new mega-union Ver.di - was official and legal as well.
They got their contract on Saturday.

On Wednesday March 28 from 0630 to 0900 LT it will be happening at all German Lufthansa stations.

All companies (DLH, CFG, LCAG, CIB) will be involved.
(I donīt think theyīll count on JMC to take over CFG, CIB flights - but who knows what managementīs plans are...)

This is just a so-called "warning-s*"(max. ca 2 hrs duration), made possible by German labor laws.

To pull off a really big one, union members will have to vote on it first - should the negotiations have officially been terminated without results before.

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26th Mar 2001, 21:53
Sad that Lufthansa management couldn't avoid this. But - great news for the pilot community. I wish them all the best.

26th Mar 2001, 23:52
Good luck to our colleagues at Lufthansa, the ripples will spread far and wide. Hopefully this is the end of exploitation and the beginning of fair pay for all pilots.

Three Percent
27th Mar 2001, 00:14
Power to the people, good luck commrades!!

Which queue do I join to get my boiler suit?

27th Mar 2001, 07:38
Sierra One, my lady works in a Lufty call centre, and they,ve been working like dogs all day to cope with the chaos resulrting from the Lufty pilots strike. They've been asked to put in overtime for the next three days.
So, no strike you say?
Think you're wrong matey.

Good luck to you Lufty crews! Stick it to them.

27th Mar 2001, 17:30
Thanks for the support, colleages!!

This is only the beginning of a european-wide pilots movement and a new (old) selfrespect!

They just donīt realize with whom they are dealing with here....

27th Mar 2001, 17:50
Nice move Lufthansa!!!

By the look of things we will be next in line to show management we are dead serious!

The time has come.

27th Mar 2001, 18:07
Well, Sierra one, that's you told - hope you get your facts right in the future - it could be important. Trust you are severely chastened, Charly!

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27th Mar 2001, 19:00
Give Sierra one a break he is still is only line training on the web site

Good luck to the pilots union(VC) hope they pull it off Might even kick start BALPA into positive mode

28th Mar 2001, 07:51
Good luck to Lufthansa pilots! Lead the way guys...

ATC Watcher
28th Mar 2001, 09:26
It started at 0430Z and expected to last until 0700Z but only for domestic flights so far.
Good luck to all of them. Outcome will depend on public (and media) reaction.
Not many strikes in Germany.

28th Mar 2001, 09:37
the fra webpage shows more than just domestic an cancelled / gestrichen fo rthe next few hours:

Flight Destination Planned Expected Terminal/Hall Gate Status
LH230 Stuttgart 06:55 1A gestrichen

LH1688 Berlin 07:00 1A Gate A20

LH3052 Stockholm 07:00 1A gestrichen

LH3684 Zuerich 07:00 1A gestrichen

LH4466 Bruessel 07:05 1A gestrichen

LH4472 Amsterdam 07:05 1A gestrichen

LH3696 Genf 07:15 1A gestrichen

LH3920 Mailand 07:15 1A gestrichen

BA1705 Edinburgh 07:20 2E Gate D7

DE3254 Palma 07:20 10:20 1B

AF1019 Paris 07:25 2D Gate D24

LH4706 London 07:25 1A Gate A52

SK1640 Kopenhagen 07:25 1A Gate B16

SR3539 Zuerich 07:25 2D Gate D2

BA901 London 07:30 2E Gate D8

LH3988 Rom 07:30 1A gestrichen

LH4092 Paris 07:30 1A gestrichen

LH204 Duesseldrf 07:35 08:05 1A

LH3254 Warschau 07:35 1A Gate B32

LH9970 Saarbrckn. 07:38 1

LH078 Muenchen 07:40 1A Gate A2

LH3482 Budapest 07:40 1A gestrichen

LH4118 Nizza 07:40 1A gestrichen

SN2620 Bruessel 07:40 2D Gate D29

AZ413 Mailand 07:45 1B Gate C1

LH2142 Paderborn 07:45 1A Gate A9

LH4124 Lyon 07:45 1A

LH4222 Paris 07:45 1A gestrichen

BA2713 London 07:50 2E Gate D9

LH5946 London 07:50 1A Gate B30

UDN204 Dnepropetr 07:50 1C Gate B57

YP3436 Faro 07:50 2D Gate E22

IB3513 Madrid 07:55 2D Gate D22

LH006 Hannover 08:00 1A gestrichen

OS122 Wien 08:00 1B Gate A38

LH112 Hamburg 08:05 1A gestrichen

LH3644 Graz 08:10 1A Gate A15

LH4536 London 08:10 1A gestrichen

LH3836 Venedig 08:15 1A

LH5378 Basel 08:15 1A

VO466 Salzburg 08:15 1B

LH124 Muenchen 08:20 1A gestrichen

LH1640 Friedr.hfn 08:20 1A Gate A8

LH1726 Berlin 08:20 1A Gate A19

LH2108 Dortmund 08:20 1A

LH3162 Kopenhagen 08:20 1A gestrichen

LH3250 Moskau 08:25 1A

LH3266 Prag 08:30 1A Gate B27

LH9620 Augsburg 08:30 1A

LH9692 Hof 08:30 1A

SQ026 New York 08:30 1B Gate B42

AB9842 Palma 08:35 2E Gate D23

VO440 Innsbruck 08:35 1B

LH3828 Mailand 08:40 1A

LH3922 Forli 08:40 1A

LH4220 Paris 08:40 A verspätet/delayed

OS972 Linz 08:40 1B

LH3710 Wien 08:45 1A gestrichen

LH3772 Genf 08:45 1A Gate B31

LH3858 Mailand 08:45 1A gestrichen

LH4450 Amsterdam 08:45 1A

LH270 Duesseldrf 08:55 1A

LH3284 St.Petersb 08:55 1A

LH3396 Athen 08:55 1A

LH3918 Turin 08:55 1A

OK535 Prag 08:55 1B

LH4406 Madrid 09:00 1A

LH008 Bremen 09:05 1A

LH140 Hamburg 09:05 1A

LH154 Dresden 09:05 1A

LH3460 Istanbul 09:05 1A

LT564 Punta Cana 09:05 2E

LH2090 Muenster 09:10 1A

LH3754 Zuerich 09:10 1A

LH4288 Lissabon 09:10 1A

LH4378 Porto 09:10 1A

LH4428 Bruessel 09:10 1A

AF1219 Paris 09:15 2D

LH212 Leipzig 09:15 1A

LH4730 London 09:15 1A

HF3167 Palma 09:20 1B

LG9302 Luxemburg 09:20 1A

LH046 Stuttgart 09:20 1A

LH168 Muenchen 09:20 1A

LH896 Berlin 09:20 1A

LH9380 Stuttgart 09:20 1A

UA945 Chicago 09:20 1B

DE3246 Pto Plata 09:25 10:25 1B

LH362 Nuernberg 09:25 1A

LH052 Hannover 09:30 1A gestrichen

28th Mar 2001, 10:18
All of the three Berlin airports are showing the morning domestic LH flights canncelled or delayed, except (prop)-flights by TEAM LUFTHANSA partners. Good luck to the crews.

28th Mar 2001, 11:44
This year everything is different. We donīt feel the need to justify our wages anymore. We just donīt care what Frau Schmidt and Herr Müller think about it.

And that helps!

The management is sending one press speaker after another in front of the cameras to discredit our demands, while our union stays pretty cool...

28th Mar 2001, 11:45
Everything went rather well - except for some management guys that were the contingency plan - and even those mostly two CPs flying on "important" routes.

No offer yet - This was just a practice run.

Expect more!

28th Mar 2001, 19:38
For Info:

Strike has been ended succesful. 110 flights were cancelled and hundreds more delayed.

Next negotiations: 2.Apr.

This was only the warming up, if the management doesnīt consider a reasonable agreement...

29th Mar 2001, 08:42

I have always liked the European way of striking.....we here in the states call it "wildcat" strikes.

Organized labor here cannot do what you do...but the way its done in Europe is extremely effective and gets managements attention very quickly.

I wish you Gute gluck and let us know how things turn out!!


29th Mar 2001, 14:39
The best of luck to all at LH/Condor! Thanks for showing the way.

30th Mar 2001, 00:12
Good luck to the Lufty crews, BALPA are you watching?????

30th Mar 2001, 00:18
Good Luck to you all at Lufthansa. If we were as united as you seem to be I'm sure our problems would be resoved much more quickly.

30th Mar 2001, 14:18
The Brits cheering for the Germans ...
how wonderfull life can be.

Smooth Trimmer

30th Mar 2001, 23:12
I really hope you boys succeed. I applaud any industrial action if it reverses the trend towards ‘train drivers’ and pulls this profession up by its bootlaces.

They think it’s all over.....


4th Apr 2001, 23:41
Stanby how could JMC pilots cover the Condor pilots and would they do that. I am told they have salaries at half ours so they should not upset Vereinigung Cockpit which will support Balpas in improving JMC pilots salaries through Europilote.

5th Apr 2001, 00:05
I dont really think it would ever happen and even if it did i would hope no one would even think about it. And i would hope BALPA would support your union over here.

Best of luck to all involved

5th Apr 2001, 00:44
Cheers and good luck to all LH - Condor pilots!
I do hope this is the start of a European tendency. We at Air France, will be starting negociations in september. I hope our unions and management are following this duel closely...

The problem with our job is that we love it so much, some us would do it for free !!!. Let us not forget that it is a job, and a damn hard one on many levels !

Bon courage !!