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22nd Nov 2001, 19:55
It seems the old bird has finally flown to the great airport in the sky . . .

That's right, Monarch's DC-10 has been retired.

Seems that there was some kind of wing damage and those at Monarch reckoned that it was cheaper just to sell it for parts.

Shame, I'll miss seeing it tech at EGCC, EGKK etc!

So is that really why it's going?

Goodbye GDMCA.
Mike :(

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Scottie Dog
22nd Nov 2001, 20:20

I must admit I did not appreciate that the DC-10 was being retired, but I think you will find that she is presently in storage at Manchester (EGCC) together with World, Airtours and Electra DC-10s.

Certainly she always looked a beauty when seen on short-finals or early climb-out.

Scottie Dog
:) :) :) :)

22nd Nov 2001, 22:18
no wing problem - or other faults with the a/c (other than standard tech items) a/c is in temp storage and has been for 4weeks now at man. currently being maintained and could fly swiftly, had it not been that all crews now re fleeted.

22nd Nov 2001, 23:35
Scottie Dog,

Youīre certainly not wrong about it looking a corker close up, this is it taking off out of Manc.

I was going to include a photo from airliners.net of it taking off out of Manc but the link didnīt work ho hum. Itīs the last picture that I was on about if you do a search for it.

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23rd Nov 2001, 00:30
So do I understand correctly that it has not been retired per se . . . it's just having a well-earned kip?

Let's see if I can have better luck with these links:
MON DC-10 1998 (http://www.airliners.net/open.file?id=011591)
DC-10 closeup (http://www.airliners.net/open.file?id=187764)
Head on view - Rotate from EGCC (http://www.airliners.net/open.file?id=187409)

Good news then?
SFly :)

23rd Nov 2001, 00:48
its a real shame, but doupt it will ever fly for spotty m again though. outdated by modern technology (a330's) but will never be out classed.

23rd Nov 2001, 00:55
The Monarch DC10 is still on lease to them till APR2003.As part of the cost cutting moves they have in their wisdom decided to grd the a/c and refleet the pilots and make the F/E's redundant of which I am one.At the moment the a/c is in MAN as they have not decided where to store it but it will probably go to the desert.It will be sadly missed by those of us who flew on it.

23rd Nov 2001, 01:04
Another fantastic pic

Dc-10 (http://www.vikingslides.com/wallpapers/mondc-10_1024.jpg)

The Guvnor
23rd Nov 2001, 01:16
I suspect that it was retired due to the fact that spares for the engines quoted - CF8-5DC2 - are impossible to find. :D :D :D

23rd Nov 2001, 02:35
It is not true that the 10 cannot fly because the pilots have been refleeted. The crews have only been allocated a "new" type - they have not been retrained. The whole operation could be up and running within hours. Anybody want to charter a 10 before its too late?
By the way anybody out there know of any DC10 jobs for pilots? Anywhere in the World - well perhaps not Afganistan!