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24th Mar 2001, 13:21

24th Mar 2001, 19:06
Here we go - celebrity amazingly saves plane from plummeting to disaster - l suppose he flew it away from built up areas and/or villages, whatever at the same time.

Cessna 202*!?!! Looks like a 402 - ah well it's in the paper so it must be right!

24th Mar 2001, 20:35
I wonder if he knows he now has 5 min's as pic/P1 in a twin? :rolleyes:

24th Mar 2001, 20:37
Flash by name, flash by nature ..... woof!!

Oops, wrong character!

pied piper
24th Mar 2001, 22:08
He had a cunning plan

Oh! stil the wrong character ;)

24th Mar 2001, 23:30
Got to 60,000 feet according to one paper!! These journos are as good as the Labour Party!!

25th Mar 2001, 00:20
According to the Daily Mail, Mr Atkinson has said nothing publicly about what happened.
However they did know exactly what happened, and exactly what Mrs Atkinson said!!!! http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/confused.gif

And B-L, I think you meant to say "These journos are as BAD as the Labour Party!!" :)

Anti Skid On
25th Mar 2001, 01:29
Perhaps the pilot should sue for assault, seeing as he was 'slapped' into consciousness.

Without turning this into a political debate was the article in the Daily Mail (that bastion of noble and honest opinion, just to the right of Adolf!)

25th Mar 2001, 06:57
Bean: "Can anyone down there on terra firma hear me?"

ATC: "Er...yes sir."

Bean: "Whos that?"

ATC: "Er...Baldrick here sir"

Bean: "Oh God it never rains but it certainley bloodey well pours doesnt it."

ATC: "What was that sir?"

Bean: "Oh never mind. Baldrick I want to to read out to me from the Army manual on how to fly a Cessna 202 or something. There must be a section in there somewhere."

ATC: "Sorry sir. I got umm one here on a SE5, um, heres one on a Sopwith Camel, all I got sir. Here, whats your position?"

Bean: "Well Im not exactley strolling along Brighton beach on a warm Summers evening Baldrick! The pilots decided to have a nap and I need to save myself!"

ATC: "Slap him around then sir!"

Bean: "What?"

ATC" "Slap him around sir! Worth a try."

Bean: "How hard should I slap him?"

ATC: "Umm...I dunno. Imagine its captain Darling your slappin."

Bean: [punch!] [kick!] [punch!] [punch!]

ATC: "You slappin him then Sir?"

Bean: "Baldrick if I keep this up Ill kill him!"

ATC: "Well in that case sir imagine its me your slappin then."

Bean: [slap] [slap] [slap] [slap]

ATC: "Any luck sir?"

Bean: "Hes still totaly out cold Baldrick and after all this slapping he is presently making more sense than you ever did!"

ATC: "Er...Bean?"

Bean: "Who the devil is that?"

ATC: "The General here Bean. I was taking the safari caviar luncheon when I heard from Darling that your in a spot of bother old chap!"

Bean: "Well yes I am sir. I appear to be well stuck up the proverbial toilet drainpipe without a plunger."

ATC: "Yes well Bean I know a thing or 2 about these flyboys. I was there during the last Big Push eastwards remember? I used smoke signals alone to get a Sopwith chappey out of the stick!"

Bean: "How did he do then?"

ATC: "Crashed and burned from 100 feet unfortunately Bean, but up till then it was a fine show in the true British spirit!"

ATC: "Bean?"

Bean: "Yes Darling."

ATC: "Bwahahahahahahahahaha!"

Bean: "Oh do shutup Darling!"

ATC: "Er sir how you doing then? You managin ok?"

Bean: "No Baldrick. Im flying in clouds and my wife is still smashing the pilots visage about."

ATC: "So sir you straight and level then?"

Bean: "No Baldrick Im upside down."

ATC: Er what was that sir? You upside down?"

Bean: "Yes Baldrick Im upside down."

ATC: "So you can understand those instrument things can you?"

Bean: "No I cant. I wouldnt have a clue what they are saying."

ATC: "So how come you know your upside down then?"

Bean: "Because my dear Baldrick my faeces appears to be exiting my trousers at a great rate through my flaming neck collar!"

25th Mar 2001, 11:18
Well done that Slasher, a fine return to form what :)

Negative 'G'
25th Mar 2001, 15:00
Bravo,old Bean :)

Dan Winterland
25th Mar 2001, 15:45
This isn't the Women's Auxillary Balloon Corps. You're in the 'Twenty Minuters' now!

26th Mar 2001, 00:40
Absolutely slashing Smash! :)


Alpine Flyer
26th Mar 2001, 01:03
Great drama, Slasher! The spectator article starts out fairly tame but gets pretty wild later on. Couldn't quite grasp what that "joystick" thingy is all about. If good old Bean really pulled back until the altimeter stopped spinning, that must have been a spectacular maneuver.

Nevertheless, I'd really like to see him recall the whole thing (as mentioned at the end of the article).

Kaptin M
26th Mar 2001, 01:16
Hmmmm, according to the newspaper report posted by Rompers, it sounds as though Mr and Mrs Bean might have slipped the pilot a little something to allow them to enter the "Mile High Club". Quote:
But the star, who also played Blackadder in the BBC comedy, is remaining tight tipped....

Lurk R
26th Mar 2001, 06:19
Kaptin - with the 2 kids on board!!!!

26th Mar 2001, 21:21
Thankyou Slasher, but..........

don't give up the day job!

Remember to Flare
31st Mar 2001, 02:02
Superb Slasher, you Richard Curtis in disguise? I think we should be told!

ickle black box
31st Mar 2001, 02:20
Cheers Slasher, what a comment!! PPRuNe has never put a bigger simle on my face.

ickle :) :) :)

1st Apr 2001, 15:19
Actualy not so funny. Pilot had been suffering from vomiting and diohrea and had become severely dehydrated. Traveling down to the coast he had passed out reliquishing command to said Mr Bean. Luckily a sensible fellow he managed to keep plane under control while they attempted to wake pilot. Luckily for all they managed and a landing was made. Potentialy deadly situation for all averted and one pilot now under investigation. Not so amusing really but certainly a happier ending then it could have been.

ickle black box
1st Apr 2001, 17:15

Either you've not read Slashers' RT transcript, or you have absolutly no sense of humor, especially, as no one was hurt in the original incident. I hope it's the first!

ickle :) :) (with a sense of humour)

1st Apr 2001, 20:30
Good show Slasher!!!

3rd Apr 2001, 20:01
Non reflective tiny tin can. I did read and appreciate Slasher's script, I only spared a thought for how amused the pax were at the time and the pilot now. Did you?

ickle black box
3rd Apr 2001, 20:19
In just about every news story, there are people who suffer stress, loss, and misery, sometimes millions of people at a time. If we all decided to share in their misery, and not occasionally laugh at the funny side of it, the world would be a very very depressing place

Non reflective tiny tin can :)