View Full Version : Nightstops in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

22nd Nov 2007, 09:52
Can anyone out there in BMI, or any other western airline come to that, tell me what we should expect on a 2 day layover in Jeddah with cabin crew ?
We know about no booze, terrorism etc, but up-to-date hard information is difficult to come by.
Do cabin crew need to wear 'black blot' outfits through the airport ? Do aircrew 72hr visas work as advertised ? Are males/females allowed to mix to western standards in international hotels ?
Any constructive advice gratefully received.

22nd Nov 2007, 10:02
This was covered in a little detail a few months ago.
please do a quick search for the replies thanks
i dont mean to be sounding rude, but itll save a lot of time
thanks .

22nd Nov 2007, 10:27
There's VAST amounts of information, if you use the search function -