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7th Sep 2001, 02:04
Heard through the grapevine that ALT are to get out of handling themselves at all their stations and give it over to an outside contractor thus saving money and making it more attractive for sale.
Part of the plan is to finish pilot contracts
at the next round of talks and recruit them back on a contract basis :confused:
This is to decrease the demands from the pilots for increased wages that cannot be sanctioned by the company, and rather than be held for ransom they are going to get rid of them. :eek:
Perhaps MOR is getting ready to flog off the company before the employees make it too much of a headache for any company to buy.

7th Sep 2001, 03:04
An airline with no pilots.

Now there's a novel idea.

Please explain how that works, we are dying to know.

7th Sep 2001, 04:37
The sad part of all this is the pilots union is going along with the plan..... :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

8th Sep 2001, 12:03
Isn't there an airline called Caledonian Wings that has no pilots...or planes...or.. :D :p :D

Celtic Emerald
8th Sep 2001, 14:24
What I can't understand when there are airlines called Celtic Airways & Celtic everything else why no-one decided to name an airline "Celtic Emerald" after ME! (sulk)
We could even have an airline called 'Celtic Tiger" or "The Wounded Celtic Tiger Airline" which might be more appropriate in todays climate ;)


Flyin' High
8th Sep 2001, 20:50
Stop Start - GROW UP!!!!!!

Who mentioned anything to do with Caledonian Wings.... and what does it have to do with EI contracting out pilots.

Out Source as much as possible.... even pilots....Makes perfect sense. And if some of you stopped long enough to think of the benefits for the pilot.. you might actually benefit!!!....these things go both ways!!!

Obviously the union are not so short sighted ... better an airline with pilots on contract rather than NO airline!!!!!


And before anyone suggests it.. I have no connection with Caledonian Wings... I am just a ppruner who is p1$$ed off with completely pointless posts, which do nothing more than childish name calling... SO WHAT if guvnor's plan flopped.... these things happen..... good on him for trying!!!

The Guvnor
8th Sep 2001, 21:17
... hasn't flopped yet - just been put on hold whilst we see what this recession is going to do.

Aer Lingus is no doubt looking very carefully at all the ways it can save money. One of those ways will be to trim back crews to the absolute minimum and then contract in any additional requirements. I'd suspect that PARC would be used for this - which ironically was set up and owned by Aer Lingus!

Pay for contract pilots is generally quite a bit higher than for permanent staff to compensate for the uncertainties - so those that have ratings which are in high demand could do very well out of this.

9th Sep 2001, 18:24
A number of years have already passed since the company contracted out the top 50 widebody commands......any pilot with 2-5 yrs. or more remaining to retirement considered the offer very seriously, most accepted the offer maintaining of course their status quo( god forbid they would be caught in the cashout que at tesco by a curious neighbour questioning their god-like status of a real aer lingus A330 capt.)...
...contracting out pilot positions at ALT is nothing new, it is only disguised to favour the few. ;)

10th Sep 2001, 22:16
On a related note.EI are apparently considering axing all their contract cabin crew for the winter and then re-hire them.Some eijit behind a desk must think ppl will hang around for 4 months waiting to be re-employed rather than going off to a company not being strangled by its management

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11th Sep 2001, 03:01
why don't you engage your brain, the little bit you have between your ears before you try and say something....

Okay let me explain the deal....ALT says that under their current financial state they can no longer afford to pay their pilots and so they can't keep the company running...they don't want to go into long negotiations and risk the airline's pilots going on strike like say Comair or Eastern and then have the airline(in Easterns case) go to the wall.
They terminate the pilot contracts when they are due for renewal and then hire them back as via an employment company at wages they can afford to pay.....IF the pilots don't want to come back then they don't and others fill their places......then the airlines can do as they please.
This happens for ground personnel and pilots in alot of airlines in money diffculties or just cost cutting especially in the shadow of the Gulf War....so open your mind my small minded friend to the REAL world outside of that little island i call home and see what is very likely to happen once deregulation comes into effect in Europe and Mary and the government is no longer able to give ALT a dig out.......
What's your problem anyways you always have a smartass remark to make but you really don't think WHAT you are saying....ever heard the phrase "empty vessels make most noise"
perhaps you don't even remember who Eastern Airlines was......you must be one of those pimply snotty nosed kids who thinks they know it all....." a little bit of knowledge is dangerous".....imagine what you could really do if you had a brain!!!!!!! :confused: :cool: :(

11th Sep 2001, 04:21
ALT says that under their current financial state they can no longer afford to pay their pilots...

Says who??

...and so they can't keep the company running...They terminate the pilot contracts when they are due for renewal...

Contracts?? What contracts are you talking about son?

IF the pilots don't want to come back then they don't and others fill their places...then the airlines can do as they please.

That's your advice to the pilots at ALT then?

why are the pilots not doing something to stand up to management.....otherwise where will they be if management decides to do the same thing to them in the future if they desire to.

The above is your advice to the Aer Arann pilots.

So you think the Aer Arann pilots should strike in order to sort out their management problem...but the Aer Lingus pilots should bend over and take it up the ass.

Bit confused aren't you.

I've nothing to do with ALT except I have good friends who work there, and I don't appreciate your back stabbing and ill informed remarks, you nasty little piece of work.

Run along and play somewhere else now why don't you.

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