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11th Nov 2007, 12:42

in our company we do a PA check from the cockpit during the cockpit preparation ...ofcourse before the PAX start embarking .

is it really required...?

any input will appreciated ..

thanx in advance.

11th Nov 2007, 12:48
If batteries of megaphone are ok you don't need PA for announcment of "PASSENGER EVACUATION, PASSENGER EVACUATION.";)

11th Nov 2007, 21:24
There is no PA check in the standard airbus SOP, at least not in the preliminary cockpit preparation or cockpit preparation...

11th Nov 2007, 22:55
yeah...that's what i know...

i wonder why they are insisting in the company that we have to do it ?!

12th Nov 2007, 00:02
Check your JAR OPS, I'm sure a functioning PA system is an MEL item for that class of aircraft.

Would you rather find out the PA is U/S before you load the pax or after?

Realistically, how long does it take to check the PA anyway? I don't reckon it's that big an issue.

Hoover Pilot
12th Nov 2007, 09:15
You can say that either
a) Companies examine their specific operation closely and ensure that the manufacturers SOPs accurately reflect the needs of their operation and if not make appropriate adjustments to them, or,
b) Companies do things because they have always done them that way (possibly based on past and irrelevant experience with previous aircraft types, operations, crew experience, etc etc)

Personally, my experience is that (b) is more likely.

I have on a previous type had to do this check on a FFOTD check, not any more though. Plus we use the PA I reckon about 10 times per flight (mixture of left seat, right seat, cabin front and back PA stations) so I think any faults would be quickly identified in normal use and any pre-flight check is superfluous.

Keep it simple and follow the manufacturers advice unless a REAL requirement is identified is my opinion.


12th Nov 2007, 11:42
great inputs guys...