View Full Version : Ryanair strobes on 16 in Dublin

8th Nov 2007, 16:01
Ryanair pilots: can you please refrain from switching your strobes on when holding short of 28 on 16?
The use of 16 in this case is as an active taxiway, NOT an active runway, so strobes are unnecessary.
It is not pleasant to be sitting behind you with your strobes on.
Also, as strobes should only be switched on when intending to line-up, it gives landing pilots the mistaken impression that you intend to line up in front of the landing.
Please apply some airmanship and courtesy.

8th Nov 2007, 18:34
Probably they are frightened to get their head chewed off by their charming Base Captain if "he " decides it IS an active runway. A lot of peeps in RYR just follow the regs to the letter ( even if aware they don't square up) as that results in the lowest risk exposure. Think you will find the individuals concerned know the score. A polite/ humerous request to stop celebrating Christmas early from the guy behind you usually works, unless you get a linguistically challenged one ( or one like the aforementioned BC who will probably tell you to f@ck off )

8th Nov 2007, 22:03
Wel i was on Ryanair flight FR442 to liverpool last friday morning, took of Dublins RW28, i was at the right wing and the strobes wern't on while taxing, captain put them on just as we were about to move into position for lineup after a Aerlingus A330 touched down!

8th Nov 2007, 22:13
"and the strobes wern't on while taxing!!"

Nor should they! Strobes are used on active runways and in flight.

9th Nov 2007, 03:56
We have the SOP: strobes shall be ON when cleared to enter the runway, and OFF when clear of the active runway.

This was issued after an unauthorised runway entry.

Strobes shall be on when cleared to cross any runway, and off when runway vacated.


9th Nov 2007, 12:52
"airmanship and courtesy" i would have thought that putting on strobes while entering ANY rwy,active or in-active would be good "airmanship" it means your in the loop and thinking about your position and where your going on the field....

anyway,some of us have got more important things to complain about....:rolleyes:


9th Nov 2007, 20:34
Lgw warrior
Is rwy 16/34 an "actve runway" when its notamed as not in use due work in progress or when atc decide to use it as a taxiway?Is runway 05/23 in LHR still classed as an active runway?...

P.S. I find my retinas being burned out and not being able to see the instruments something to complain about