View Full Version : Are B737 Classic Block Manoeuvre Speeds still unchanged from 1999?

8th Nov 2007, 12:57
In December 1999 Boeing issued a Flight Crew Operations Manual Bulletin on the subject of manoeuvering speeds for the 737-100 through to the -500.
The Bulletin is to be cancelled after Boeing is notified that all affected aeroplanes have been modified by SB 737-27A1206 (Rudder Pressure reducer installation?)
As this Bulletin was dated 18 years ago but is still apparently current does this mean that there are 737's out there that still are not modified with the redesigned rudder PCU and RPR? Providing these modifications have been completed does this mean 737 Classics can now revert to the previous manoeuver speeds before "the troubles" with suspected uncommanded rudder runaway? For instance the old speed for below 53 tonnes of 170 knots Flap Five and 160 knots for flap 10.
With the B737-300 simulator we continue to teach Flap 5 and 180 knots and flap 10 and 170 knots. I wonder for instance in Australia if all 737 Classics have been completely modified such that we can now revert to original "old" manoeuvre speeds in the simulator?

8th Nov 2007, 17:42
If the operator can confirm that the mods were properly made I'd imagine the speeds can revert although I'd be inclined to double check. And I'd be careful flying in some countries. A Boeing guy told me a couple of years back that all they can do is issue the bulletins and make the parts available, but there's no guarantee that all operators will make the mods, especially if government/aviation authority supervision is weak or non-existent.