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4th Nov 2007, 19:45
I'm looking for the rule regarding climbing at 500-1500fpm in the FAR's.
Is it for IFR/VFR or both?
Is it a mandatory or reccomended rule and where can I find this info?

Thanks a lot!!

5th Nov 2007, 03:05
I'd look in the AIM.

There are a couple issues here.

First, all airplanes are expected to climb and descend at their optimal rate. If they can't climb or descend at least 500 fpm the PIC is required to inform ATC.

Second, you're only required to climb and descend at your optimal rate until within 1000 feet of your assigned altitude. Then you're expected to do so at 1000 fpm. This is to prevent nuisance TCAS warnings. As you may already know the TCAS computer looks at rates of closure. If there's an airplane in cruise at FL250 and you're assigned to climb and maintain FL240 but are zooming up there at 4000 fpm obviously both aircraft are going to get a TCAS warning.

Hope that helps. Sorry I don't have the pertinent paragraph.

5th Nov 2007, 07:04
Yeah, actually found that in the AIM and you're right.
I guess it's a reccomendation only and not a required FAR.
And, yes, it's on the last 1000 feet indeed.


6th Nov 2007, 03:19
I'm not a lawyer...but, it's been my experience that what's in the A.I.M. is pretty much considered by the FAA Administrative Law Judges as regulatory. If by no other way...it's the 'reckless and dangerous operation' doctrine.

For what it's worth....


Correction: "Careless and Reckless" I meant to say...

Pugilistic Animus
6th Nov 2007, 20:27
They can always crucify you with 91.13 "reckless and careless operation of an aircraft" hence follow the aim:

if not para c. of 91.3 "responsibility and authority of the PIC"

91.103 "preflight action"---the one about obtaining ALL available info concerning your flight...especially in combination with one of the above

And examiners can [ and probably will] fail you for using non-standard holding pattern entries and made up course reversals---- not the law either but you must do it, basically.

However, the Aim is good advice anyway so whats the big deal, why not follow the recomendations therein---

Sorry for the thread creep

There is always a way for governments to destroy aviators.