View Full Version : Garmin GPS 196 - HELP NEEDED...?

3rd Nov 2007, 12:57
I bought a Garmin 196 yesterday, but can can't manage to connect it to my pc to update the Jeppesen data?

You get a serial pc cable with (who uses serial connection?), and also bought a serial to usb cable. My computer does not pick up the gps?

Anyone with a Garmin 196 that know how to connect it to a pc and update the Jeppesen data?

3rd Nov 2007, 13:09
If you bought it from a reputable dealer, and they are local, then they will do updates for you free (apart from the Garmin/Jepp $35 charge).

Until the 296 serial was the normal comms, and all PCs at te time had RS232 plugs, but technology moves on. With a good USB/serial convertor (Belkin usually work, some others are iffy) then the update software will fin the unit automatically. When you say serial to USB cable do you mean a convertor?

3rd Nov 2007, 14:32
Yes, it is a USB Serial Adaptor/Converter. I bought it from a large pilot shop. I would prefer just to update it myself.
The Garmin 196 information booklet does not say how to update your GPS witht the Jeppesen data or how to connect it to a pc?
I dont think my pc pics up the gps.