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19th Dec 2001, 05:46
h· SAS have acted out their role as a future concept for Scandinavian aviation. In the de-regulated environment that we have entered, which will be enforced, there is no room for SAS”, writes Anders Björck, first vice speaker of the Parliament in an article in Dagens Nyheter(apparently main daily newspaper in sweden). Anders Björck’s opinion is that SAS never will be profitable and must be dis-mounted and replaced with private Swedish, Norwegian and Danish carriers who are to operate on market oriented conditions.
-“Abolish SAS before it is too late”, Anders Björck ends his article, fearing that SAS may meet the same fate as Swissair and Sabena.

SAS are quite irritated at Mr Björck’s article. Marie Ehrling, vice president of SAS says: “Anders Björck is obviously not quite updated. SAS is an ordinary public company and Anders Björck seems to think it is an institution or authority, which can be closed down by the government

All quoted, not my words since I don´t have those funny looking letters on my keyboard.. :D

The Guvnor
19th Dec 2001, 14:38
I thought Bjork was an Icelandic singer that looks like a troll and has a borderline personality disorder? :D :eek: :D

19th Dec 2001, 14:41
No Guvnor she is Andrew Lloyd Webber's love child. :D

19th Dec 2001, 16:54
Who is the mother??

19th Dec 2001, 17:35
Politicians should properly butt out of aviation in all aspects….which in affect leads to just the thing Anders Björk has announced. Funny that… :D :D :D

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