View Full Version : fuel flow measurement unit: what is ANM/kg

24th Oct 2007, 00:36
in terms of fuel management of a jet engine, what does ANM / kg stand for?

Apollo 100
24th Oct 2007, 01:17
Air Nautical Mile per KG of fuel. ie your Specific Air Range (as opposed to GNM/KG which is Ground Nautical Mile/KG or Specific Ground Range)

24th Oct 2007, 02:39
On jet transport aeroplanes the unit used is usually ANM/1000kgs or GNM/1000kgs which gives a more useable result.

ANM/100kgs = TAS/fuel flow in 1000s kgs per hour.

GNM/1000kgs = GS/fuel flow in 1000s kgs per hour.

e.g. 470KTS TAS / 4.5 1000kgs per hour = 104.4 ANM/1000kgs

GNM/1000kgs will be more with a tailwind and less with a headwind.