View Full Version : Yet another glyder emergency landing

15th Jan 2002, 14:04
Yesterday, Tupolev-204 RA-64011 Flight Syberia 852 EDDF-UNNT after two missed approach diverted to Omsk (approx 1 hour fly time to West) due strong cross wind, descending through 2000 meters on arrival to Omsk, they’ve got luck of fuel and both engines dead at the end of story they’ve glided to runway 30 miles safely landed and run off runway to about 400 meters 1200”, no one injured and aircraft lucky receive only minor damages rushing into snow off runway. Luck of fuel caused by unexpected head wind 120 knots on divertion.

15th Jan 2002, 18:03
I know they look like a 757 but is'nt this taking it a bit far?

16th Jan 2002, 04:53
Hi Ruslan, do you have a confirmation for this news? You wrote that they ran out of fuel at 2000 m i.e. ~6000 ft and then glided 30 Nm to the runway. That seems a bit far to glide with no engine power.

No Mode Charlie
16th Jan 2002, 14:02
Hmmmm, glide ratio of 1:28 does seem a bit to good to be true.

Don't let our political friends from all the green parties and the noise lobby find out. Next thing they will be demanding that in stead of making our descend and approaches with idle power only, that we make glide approaches all the time.

16th Jan 2002, 14:19
Ah sorry, misread 30 miles/kilometers, the correct figure is about 30 km abt 18 miles, and accident was taken place, no doubt. But in other hands Russian media remain silence, it is the second accident Syberia involved, first one was Tupolev 154 shoot down over Black Sea not far ago.

You guys have always tailwind while cruising <img src="smile.gif" border="0">