View Full Version : 737 CLASSIC: do you check your gear VIEWERS before flight?

19th Oct 2007, 15:05
Today I've refused my airplane, as the nose gear viewer was totally obscured by dirt IN the tube.

As the airplane has to be pressurized on ground and blah blah after this sort of maintenance, a big mess ensued.

I can't figure why Boeing hasn't put this check in our procedures, but back in the time that was one of the first thing I was thought upon transition on the 737.

Being able to see the red arrows in contact is mandatory on airplanes without the dual green lights installation.

Do you check them in your company?

ray cosmic
19th Oct 2007, 15:18
I did check, but we anyway had the 2nd set of indicators on the ovhd panel.
In case you do not have this backup, I would've insisted as well to get it cleaned. The dirt didn't get in there overnight, probably, so mtc has probably missed a few occasions to keep matters in their own hand.

19th Oct 2007, 16:17
I support you 100% and your namesake document does also...

Boeing DDG, D6-32545-TBC, June 14, 2007.
32-06 Landing Gear Warning and Indicating System (-100/-200/-300/-400/-500)
Either of two other indicating systems may be inoperative provided center panel indications operate normally.
NOTE 1:Some airplanes, including all cargo airplanes, have an additional gear
indicating system that is located on the overhead panel. Dispatch
requires that the center panel system and either the overhead panel
system or the viewing system operate normally.

Well done for checking. NB I find the nosegear viewer gets more dirty than the maingear viewer, unfortunately it is more difficult to clean. Also, some airlines seat configs make checking the main gear viewer almost impossible, this is equally unacceptable.

19th Oct 2007, 16:43
Yeah... funny thing is, a few months ago we received a turkish or so airplane, it was so nice to see to THEY had removed the bar for pax feet, to let pilots check the main gear viewer without being a Houdini...

After a few days, our guys had changed that: the bar was put back in place, so one needs again to be a contorsionist to be able to see, and sometimes with one eye only for how difficult it is!!

20th Oct 2007, 09:34
I always used to look through the nose gear viewer. If it had to be cleaned, it had to be cleaned. Much complaining would ensue but usually took them about 20 minutes to clean (less time than the complaining to avoid doing it). Never pulled up the carpet to check the mains from inside but would look at them from the wheelwells. They did not seem to get cruddy like the nose viewer.

20th Oct 2007, 10:16
Yes - always. It should be done by engineers on a cyclic check so you should only find crud on the bottom of the bottom window - but......:ugh:. I think it is the upper window that has the pressure seal (=down time to cure) and often a clean of the lower window is enough.

21st Oct 2007, 15:45
...The dirt didn't get in there overnight, probably, so mtc has probably missed a few occasions to keep matters in their own hand. ...The check interval is 500FH according Maintenance Schedule.