View Full Version : Ideal TurboProp Headset-King Air B200

19th Oct 2007, 05:31
What would ya'll recommend as an ideal King Air B200 headset?
My choices are the Bose and the Sennheiser HMEC 25's. Just worried the Bose will, maybe, be a bit too much? Also, I will be wearing sunnies most of the time.
I have searched up and down this forum but nothing specific for this application or the King Air.

Thanks all.

19th Oct 2007, 15:22
I don't know the noise level in the B200 but i can tell that the Bose do the job perfectly in the TBM700 and it's really a big comfort during long flights .



19th Oct 2007, 15:58
I P2'd in a B200 the other day - I use DC's with ANC - and they were great. PIC uses the Bose X and swears by them, not least because he uses them in his light aircraft as well.

I find the shades I wear makes the most difference with headsets - Oakley Crosshairs don't interfere at all with the noise cancelling.


21st Oct 2007, 14:39
Hi and thanks for the replies. So, may I assume that the HMEC 25's are out?

23rd Oct 2007, 04:06
Telex Stratus 50D. Very comfortable, much more durable than the Bose, and (for the B200) quieter than any other headset.

23rd Oct 2007, 05:22
Hi Guys, thanks for the responses. A little feedback..I used the supplied Bose headsets yesterday in the B200, and first impressions, they were very "hot". My ears felt like they were going to melt. Ok, it was about 33 degrees C, but I found they would not suit my purpose. I will give the Telex's a try.

Dream Land
23rd Oct 2007, 06:41
I don't know about you, but I can't stand any headset that goes over the top of my head, Plantronics are nice and light but have no noise suppression, I am now using a Clarity Aloft headset, light weight, great noise suppression without the ANR, doesn't go over the top of your head so it's very comfortable, excellent sound quality too.

23rd Oct 2007, 07:36
What Ahramin said..................

Use the Telex Stratus 50 in the B1900 for the last year; awesome bit of kit. I have tried the Bose, but fouind the Telex' performance was better and for a cheaper $.


24th Oct 2007, 18:05
The Telex Stratus is a big headset but IF you set it up right it is very comfortable. You need to read the manual and set the amount of clamp first, then set the size of the headband to fit your head. If you do both of these things then you should not have any comfort problems with the telex.

25th Oct 2007, 15:25
Thanks all. Tried a pair of H10-13XL ANR's and i am hooked. Heavier yes, but very comfortable and just as quiet, if not more so. I was also getting a faint beeeep with the Bose's when my transponder was being queried, close to station, haven't heard this with the DC's..yet.