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15th Oct 2007, 16:07
What is the addition just above the glareshield on this bus?
Is it something to do with a HUD or windshield display?


15th Oct 2007, 16:21
That's where Airbus Pilot's bang their heads when the Bus "does it again"
"oh no ......no.......not again?

It was fitted by Airbus to prevent injury. :ok:

15th Oct 2007, 16:26
F.R.D. ?

Food rejection device?

Mäx Reverse
15th Oct 2007, 16:44
It's an HUD-Projector as can be seen by the switch to the right, below the red INOP-label where it says 'HUD'.

Looks like an AI test installation to me (as the A/C is also fitted with an alpha-indicator left of the PFD) or is there any airline operating HUDs on the A320?

Regards, MAX

15th Oct 2007, 16:47
I'll go with HUD, look above the ss priority light - HUD brightness control? With token INOP sticker.

ATC Watcher
15th Oct 2007, 16:51
It is a HUD, and I believe Air Inter before they were swallowed by Air France used HUDS on their A320s ( like on the Mercures ).
If the ex IT 320s operated by AF still have them , or uses it, I do not know.

15th Oct 2007, 17:09
Thanks folks

Should've looked around for the blasted switch!

How embarrassing! :\

16th Oct 2007, 01:42
I agree with ACMS :ugh::ugh::ugh:

17th Oct 2007, 09:13
actually we still have theses old (and noisy) aircraft but the hud's are all inop since about 2 years. but it's a big problem to take them off (apparently) so they just leave them. the AOA gauge works though and it's very interesting to understand how it works. the hud was very basic but (i'm only the f/o) the cpt's say it was mostly useful in visual approaches.


24th Oct 2007, 02:16
You fellahs may be too young to remember ash trays ?:}

ATC Watcher
24th Oct 2007, 11:34
thank god smoking was banned.

In the cabin for the SLF, yes, but not in the cockpit of most airlines.:cool: