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15th Oct 2007, 12:25
I am an aircraft engineer currently researching a university group project on a comparison between these aircraft for a transatlantic operation.I would very much like to canvass opinion from pilots and most particularly those that have flown both types as to which is the most preferable to fly and why.Your experience of front line operation and reliability will help in my overall section of "operator experience" which takes in ops,engineering,pax satisfaction etc.
Many thanks in advance.:ok:

15th Oct 2007, 12:37
Are you trying to compare apples and oranges? The B777 is a BMW; the A330 is a Volkswagen. :p

15th Oct 2007, 13:06
Maybe just a little more detailed,but yes.If the concensus is that B777 is far superior then thats what i am after.Do not want to start a Boeing/Airbus slanging match though as i want considered opinion rather than dogmatic pronouncements.

boeing boeing.. gone
15th Oct 2007, 14:41

Volkswagen make better put together & more reliable cars than BMW these days!!!!!!

15th Oct 2007, 18:05
Interesting to note that Porsche is thinking of taking over VW.. But there might be not too many Pilots having flown large Airbus (what 's the plural of Airbus anyway? Airbi? Airbants?) and the 777. So good luck on the research!

A Boeing fan.

16th Oct 2007, 06:48

I might be biased but.i prefer the B777 in terms of perrformance. Its probably the best aircraft I have flown so far.

As for the Beamer Vs VW.......... I say I will take a Beamer any day!!:D

Dan Winterland
16th Oct 2007, 09:11
For long haul, give me an airbus any day. No control column to get in the way taking up valuable news paper reading and eating space. And the table - brilliant!

16th Oct 2007, 11:57

Give me 4 engines any day. Yes, i know that they are super reliable these days and everyone will say so...... right up until an ETOPS aircraft goes splash!
However, having gone from 4 to 3, you have, in relative terms, all the time in the world to look around and decide how to sort it out.
2 to 1, on the other hand, is somewhat more of a cushion eating moment and a lot less comfortable, especially after the alleged recent EY moment!
As Dan says, there's the table for dinner.........

16th Oct 2007, 21:23
Hi AvNqe . Am currently converting onto the 777 after 7 years on A340/330. If you will wait a month or two I will post my experiences and comparisons between the types and give you an unbiased opinion. Not like so many that have only flown the onw type and bashed the other.
Look out for greendot versus Vref30+80. Just be patient as am in the books.

17th Oct 2007, 03:59
From a engineering point of view, I worked on boeings for years and then switched to the Airbus 300/330/340's , yes it was a head twister, once you get used the switches being installed upside down and pulling CB's to fix 90% of problems your right.
Overall finish on parts of the Airbus aircraft you interface with everyday seem to better thought out and user freindly, and of slightly better quality. Once you dig deeper into the systems and structure designs you find it to be slightly lacking what the boeing has in the way of layout design and accessability.
The Airbus is also still experiencing operational problems boeing dealt with and resolved years ago. I am now am working back on the Boeing 777-200/300 and ER. Systems have been simplified dramitically over the Airbus especially 340-500/600. And seems to be a bullet proof machine out of the box.
Airlines are seeing a never seen before 3 year teething after manufacture to smooth all defects out, compared to 7 years for 330 and 8 years for 340, on average. Airlines on average took a 11 years to remove all teething problems out of the 747.
For 4 engines or 2? Airlines and engineers will always go for two, Easier to manage, less fuel burn, drag and weight, less structural stress loads, less spare parts to require, less maintenance, can I stop now, or I can keep going. AND YES SHE WON'T GO SPLASH, SHE WILL GET THERE!
I know for ground staff and ticketing they prefer the 330/340 y class seating config at 2-4-2 over 777 2-5-2 for group/family seating arrangement which can cause problems.
Hope that helps in a small way, if you ask me, I love the cockpit layout in the bus and the great ideas they have come up with, but I would still take the triple for better performance and reliability.
For effiency the pick of the bunch at this time for best all round would have to be A330 and B777. Leave the 340 at factory! its a head case!

18th Oct 2007, 20:27
Thanks to all who have added to the thread,it has made interesting reading already.The car analogy is good and it also shows our loyalty to brand too.It is quite usual for someone to stick to one make of car through several models and pilots definately seem to gain a real Boeing/Airbus loyalty over their careers, even if it is down to the coffee table availability!
Would be great to get 4 gold's opinion later too,as it is ideal to be moving from one to the other.
Shockingly i have not thought of asking my fellow engineers how they are to work on! I have been concentrating on reliability and service bulletins etc.Will rectify tonight.Thanks for the wake up mavrik.

20th Oct 2007, 14:11
Having flown B737, B747,A310,A300,A330 and A340's (not B777 unfortunately) my feelings are the following:

Boeing: Are beautifully simple and easy to operate machines. Technical systems are simple and easy to understand and deal with in most abnormal cases. They are also easier to handle in stong, gusty crosswind conditions due to the stick. I think the only thing Boeing could do better is go for the sidestick though as it is not that frequently that uncomfortable wind conditions are experienced anyway.

Airbus: Systems are a lot more complicated and difficult to understand at times especially when unusual situations occur, and Airbus logic with autoflight etc does not always make things any easier. The FBY with side stick is great but awkward in strong, gusty wind conditions, but then that is by far outweighed by the freedom of cockpit space without the columns.

I initially really hated the airbus after flying Boeings for most of my career, but then that probably had something to do with the A310/A300 being my first bus which was never known to be exactly user friendly. The later airbus models have been improved vastly over the old A310 series.

When asked which types I prefer it is a really difficult question for which I more often that not don't really have an appropriate answer as they have all been unique and special in their own ways. It's almost a bit like being asked to say which is your favourite child!