View Full Version : Southwest Airlines pay?

stator vane
25th May 2001, 23:25
interviewed in Dallas May 23rd.

for damage control, can anyone tell me what the first year pay might be and where is the junior base is?

and maybe the pay for the second year?


26th May 2001, 02:21
About $37K first year. $63K second year. Junior base is Oakland.

You can make more if you fly on your days off.

Good luck :)

26th May 2001, 02:29
As of 1 Sept 2001 1st year about $37.49/hr, $32.90/Trip (a standard trip is 243nm Dallas Love Field to Houston Hobby Airport, this is from the old days when we flew from Dallas to Houston to San Antonio. LAX to Kansas City pays 4.0 Trips.)

2nd year about $63.24/hr, $55.51/Trip

During first year extra flying from scheduling is paid at 2nd year pay.

FAR limits apply 30 hrs in 7 days, 100 hrs/month, 1000 hrs/year.