View Full Version : AvroRJ/ Bae146 technical info?

modern monkey
1st Oct 2007, 16:49
Hi, have an interview soon for a job flying the AvroRJ, does anybody know where I can find some decent technical info about the AC? I have tried the usual options, searching google, smartcockpit.com etc but there doesnt seem to be a great deal out there.

In particular, does anybody know what typical speeds for:
V1, Vr, Vy/Vx,Cruise and approach might be?

Cheers, Monkey.

modern monkey
2nd Oct 2007, 00:05
also, what crosswind landing technique is used on it?

modern monkey
2nd Oct 2007, 17:06
anybody? :)

brain fade
2nd Oct 2007, 18:17
Mmo is .72 (.7 on line)

Vmo 305kt IAS (295 on line)

The others depend on the weight and or the field.

Low V1 could be 85 kt.

Typical Vref 115. Vapp often ref+5

Vy and Vx . no idea, but would vary with weight too. its not a light a/c.

Some funnies are, can take off with 33 flap (ie full flap)
Can do steep apps - 6degree gs.

min clean is 190kt

MTOW (of ours) 45000kg

Max LW 40142

Max ZFW 37874

flap18 220
flap 24 180
flap 30 170
flap 33 155
gear 210

max xwind 35

wing down in a xwind

airbrake at 100RA

good luck

modern monkey
2nd Oct 2007, 21:19
Cheers, ur a star!
Wing down in a crosswind also a bonus, never liked that stupid crab technique!