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26th Sep 2007, 12:54
I have a question specifically aimed at the -800 but also for the 737 in general.

I have read that they are not fitted with fuel dump systems. Now the source I initially looked at specified MZFW, MTOW and MLW figures for all variants except the 737-800.

Firstly, can somebody provide a link for where I can find this data?

Secondly, taking the 737-700 as an example. MTOW = 70,080 kgs and MLW = 58,604. Now say the a/c takes off and has an immediate emergency requiring a land right back at the departure airfield. (E.g. Fire). So there is no time to just circle and burn the fuel. How is this covered in the AFM? Will there be an undercarriage failure on landing? Is the structure able to cope with a MTOW landing? Have Boeing just provided a MLM in order to preserve the life of the airframe in normal operations?


26th Sep 2007, 14:37
Link http://www.b737.org.uk/techspecsdetailed.htm

To answer the second paragraph:

"Overweight landings up to maximum takeoff weight may be safely
accomplished by using normal Landing procedures and techniques."

Shoud not be unless the landing is very hard.

Yes - see above


26th Sep 2007, 16:30
perhaps this article may shed some light?

Shiny side down
26th Sep 2007, 16:49
Landing at max take off weight is acceptable. It takes about 1200meters stopping, for f15, single engine, dry, max auto brake.

In addition, I have made an overweight landing due a medical diversion, weight at about 74000kg. (MLM 66360). There are no handling issues or problems. Keep an eye on the descent rate for touchdown, for referring back to the company engineers. If a heavy touchdown occurs, then an inspection is required, otherwise, there should be no issues.

26th Sep 2007, 17:49
That's brilliant guys.

Thanks for the info.. :ok: